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Designing a Modular Kitchen – What Should You Keep in Mind?

The heart of the home, the kitchen, sees a lot of activity. Additionally, finding storage space is difficult due to changing lifestyles and tastes. This is particularly true if your kitchen is small. In Kolkata, small modular kitchens are a good illustration of the lack of space. How are you going to fit all your utensils and appliances into that small area? These should be some of your considerations for designing the best modular kitchen price in Kolkata:

Create a central work space

A central island is not practical in a small kitchen. The alternative is a mobile workspace. You can start your preparation before you start cooking by using a rolling cart consisting of a work surface. When you are finished, you can keep it stored on your balcony or in a useful area of your house. Your chopped vegetables can be stored in the cart until you are ready to use them.

Arrange your cabinets

When designing a kitchen, there are many factors to take into account. A neatly organized cabinet is one. When you are limited by space, this is crucial. If you organize your cabinet well, you can use every hidden crevice for storage.

You can try the following tips:

  • Purchase lots of lid organizers
  • Go for cutlery trays that are removable
  • Have Spice racks, to reduce the mess caused by numerous jars.
  • Have sections with vertical pull-outs for jars and food packaging
  • Keep your plates in sections with pull-out slots

Alternately, you can talk with any of the modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata and discuss your needs at the most reasonable modular kitchen price in Kolkata.

Try vertical

Smaller homes benefit most from simple kitchen layouts. And if you utilize every square inch, you can accomplish a lot in that small area. It is common practice to ignore the area above the overhead cabinets. You can keep the items that you do not use frequently, stored in this useful space. When necessary, a step ladder can assist you in bringing things down.

Do not use dark tones

A kitchen can definitely have a fun design. You might end up using too many colors. But keep in mind that your space will appear smaller when you opt for darker colors. Choose pastel colors like grays, lilacs, and pastel greens instead of white, if it seems too stark. The light colors will brighten the area and give the illusion that it is larger than it is.

Get a breakfast nook bench with storage

Use the area under the bench to store extra pots and pans if you are lucky enough to have a small breakfast nook. Even your tablecloths and kitchen linens can be kept underneath the bench.

After every few months, consider downsizing

A lot of room is taken up by lids from outdated pans, pots with broken handles, and broken or mismatched china. Get rid of the clutter after every few months, to downsize. Food that might go bad before you can use it should never be hoarded. The extra room can be used to store the food and kitchenware you actually require. The best kitchen layouts are simple.

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