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If you have ever seen the ladies of your house struggling with those cluttered spaces in the kitchen, it's time to replace your existing kitchen design with a modular kitchen in Kolkata. Wondering how to find it?

Right here! We are the leading modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata who can turn your small kitchen into a spacious cooking space within budget-friendly modular kitchen price Kolkata.

Whether you wish to design an L-shape kitchen, a U-shape kitchen, or a contemporary modular kitchen Kolkata, our interior designer Kolkata can help you get a dream kitchen space. Yeah, we offer the most low-cost modular kitchen price in Kolkata that are durable, stylish, and functional, making your Spaghetti or chicken curry more delightful. Visit our experience center and explore our range of modular kitchen prices in Kolkata.

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Affordable Modular Kitchen In Kolkata

How Modular Kitchens Turn Everyday Cooking Into A Joyful Task?

Our modular kitchens sprinkle a dash of joy into your daily cooking routine, making every meal prep a delightful journey. Know how our modular kitchen in Kolkata can benefit you –

Effortless Organization

A modular kitchen in Kolkata organizes every little element, making it easy to find your favorite spatula or spice in just a few seconds.

Maximized Space Utilization

It smartly use every nook and floor space to turn even the smallest spaces into spacious kitchens like those in grand villas.

Stylish Aesthetics

It combine elegance and functionality, turning your kitchen into a trendy retreat. It's like giving your kitchen a new and stylish makeover.

Easy Maintenance

Our modular kitchens are designed to be easily cleaned. So, Wipe away the dirt with a smile, and spend more time serving your delicious meals.

Flexible Design Choices

It provides you full freedom to switch up layouts, colors, and cabinets. You can change it as per your ever-evolving taste!

Time-Saving Efficiency

Our kitchens are built for efficiency, reducing the steps between stove, sink, and fridge. It cuts your cooking time in half!

Say Hi To The Best Modular Kitchen In Kolkata

Knock, knock! Who's there? The low budget interior designers in Kolkata are ready to spice up your cooking game. Explore the best modular kitchen designs now!

Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata
Latest Modular Kitchen In Kolkata

Why Choose Us For Well-Crafted Modular Kitchen Kolkata?

Get everything for your kitchen in one place with our modular kitchen Kolkata design ideas. Although the quality of our work speaks for itself, we want to give you reasons to choose us for affordable kitchen restyling.

Design Expertise

We design gorgeous, and stylish 3D modular kitchen that encourage daily culinary delights with meticulous attention to detail and innovation. 

High-Quality Material

From sturdy cabinets to durable countertops, our materials ensure longevity and elegance, making your kitchen a delightful space for years to come.

Affordable Services

Get low-cost modular kitchen tailored to your budget, making your dream kitchen a reality without breaking the bank.

Top-Notch Execution

We address every element with attention, from concept to installation, ensuring a seamless and perfect modular kitchen design in Kolkata.

Attention To Detail

Every aspect is precisely designed and crafted, ensuring that even the smallest details are perfect, resulting in a stylish kitchen.

Customer Satisfaction

From design to installation, we strive to exceed your expectations, ensuring that your modular kitchen journey is a pleasurable and fulfilling experience..

Why Modular Kitchen In Kolkata Is The Future Of Comfortable Cooking?

Close your eyes for a minute and think about your kitchen. What did you find - An unorganized kitchen for sure! Right?  

But guess what, our modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata are all set to make your cooking process as easy as cooking a 2-minute Maggie noodles! A low-cost modular kitchen price in Kolkata can also offer a pool of benefits that your classic kitchen can’t.

For example, you can save every inch of your kitchen space with stylish pull-outs, drawers, under-sink storage solutions, wall-mounted shelves, and more. Do you know why people in Kolkata love this kitchen so much?

Because it’s easy to install and disassemble. That means if you have future plans to relocate somewhere else, you can easily carry it with you. Don’t you think that a modular kitchen in Kolkata is worth trying?

We Offer Low Cost Modular Kitchen Price In Kolkata

Bosky interior is a leading modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata. Bosky has played an instrumental role in setting benchmarks in modular kitchen manufacturing with innovative design and price tags that suit customers within their budget hence making kitchen designing affordable. Modular kitchens are the best choice for people who are looking for kitchen renovation but do not have enough expertise and knowledge to build it from scratch. We have highly experienced working professionals to provide you with the highest standards of product quality, designs for kitchen cabinets, made-to-measure kitchens and various other home décor products as per your requirement. Discover our wide range of aluminium modular Kitchen at a reasonable price designed by top modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata. Our modular kitchen service in Kolkata always result in remarkable and stylish Indian kitchen for every home. We stand as the foremost interior designer Kolkata, spearheading innovation in kitchen design. Get in touch with us now to receive the latest modular kitchen Kolkata price list. Our modular kitchens are designed aimed at reshaping culinary spaces, setting new standards in functionality and aesthetics.

Do You Want To Change The Way Your Kitchen Interior Looks?

·       Bosky Kitchens and Interiors makes affordable, modular kitchens

·       Our collections are inspired by unique and modern designs

·       Modular kitchens are easy to clean and convenient to use

Best Modular Kitchen Manufacturer In Kolkata

We are top modular kitchen manufacturers and offer quality design and decoration services at cost effective rates in Kolkata area. Our team of interior designer kolkata work hard to provide the detailed designs of your dreams, right from colour matching to texturing and designing. All you need is to give us a call at +91 8017058899 over here at Bosky Interior, you can meet our team of best interior designers in Kolkata.

Factors To Consider For Deciding Modular Kitchen Price In Kolkata

Here are some important factors that you must consider when determining modular kitchen price in Kolkata-


Larger kitchens typically require more supplies, fixtures, and labor, increasing costs. On the other side, small modular kitchen price in Kolkata might be less expensive because they require less labor and material.


High-quality hardwoods, like teak or oak, will cost more than laminates or medium-density fibreboard. In addition, the type of hardware, accessories, and finish that are chosen affect the total cost of the materials.


Customized and intricate designs with unique layouts, storage options, and premium features are typically more expensive than basic or ready-to-install designs.


The installation process includes labor charges, material delivery, time of the project and any additional changes needed to fit the kitchen into the available space.

Contact Us Today To Design An Elegant Modular Kitchen Kolkata 

Planning to install a modular kitchen at home? Contact the top modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata right away for professional assistance in transforming your cooking space.

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We Offer The Most Budget-Friendly Modular Kitchen Price In Kolkata

We are extremely proud to offer you low cost modular kitchen price in Kolkata. We believe in making our goods accessible to everyone without sacrificing their quality or design as part of our commitment to excellence, which goes beyond simply providing outstanding kitchen solutions. Our kitchen interior designer in Kolkata puts out a lot of effort to curate a wide variety of modular kitchens, making sure that each design suits your individual preferences and fits your budget. Get In touch with the leading modular kitchen dealers in Kolkata. Your dream kitchen is now within reach!

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Various Modular Kitchen Design Offered By Modular Kitchen Manufacturers In Kolkata 

We’re here to give you an idea about different modular kitchen designs that you must consider along with the price.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

The graceful U shape modular kitchen design is a stunning combination of aesthetics and functionality for your lovely house. It maximizes space and offers easy access to all kitchen items.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design 

The l-shaped kitchen design is ideal for both large and small kitchens which are typical in Indian households. Its functional design offers a seamless workflow and quick access to essentials.

Straight Modular Kitchen Design 

The single-wall kitchen remains the top choice due to its cost-effectiveness and space-saving nature, making it ideal for small homes. This kitchen design arranges all elements in a straight line.

PVC Modular Kitchen Design

PVC panels are the most popular choice for modular kitchen cabinets Kolkata due to their safety and non-toxic features. They can handle heat and moisture better than plywood or wooden modular kitchen

Parallel Modular Kitchen Design

The parallel modular kitchen design, commonly referred to as a galley kitchen, features two parallel counters or work areas positioned along a straight pathway.

Contemporary Modular Kitchen Design

This kitchen design creates functional layouts using pre-made modules. Its components, like cabinets and drawers, can be easily assembled and customized to fit any kitchen size or style.

Innovative Modular Kitchen Design 

This design style explores new materials, layouts, and technologies to create a truly modern and efficient kitchen. It offers a room that is both fashionable and useful, with smart storage options.

Simple Modular Kitchen Design                   

This design makes use of little kitchen decor and focuses on clean lines and clutter-free surfaces. The kitchen becomes more organized by using easy-to-install modular elements.

Request A Quote For The Most Innovative Modular Kitchen In Kolkata

Looking for innovation and style in your kitchen? Request a quote for the best modular kitchen in Kolkata. Get an innovative kitchen today for a modern cooking experience.

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Read Positive Reviews About The Best Modular Kitchen Dealer In Kolkata 

Explore the testimonials of delighted customers! Read reviews about our cheap modular kitchen Kolkata and discover why we are the top choice for best modular kitchen layouts.

  • Dipti Kishore Mohapatra

    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Very nice experience. Found best quality latest choice modular kitchen delivery, value for money and meet customer needs. Very much satisfied with overall dealings starting from bottom of team to top level, quite professional with firm commitment.

  • Anup Dutta

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    A very involved and enthusiastic setup for furniture and associated services. I have been associated with them for last 10 years and have been satisfied every time. A professional and dedicated team lead by a very able, benign and disciplined leader. I wish them grand success.

  • Susmita Payra


    I got Bosky Interior reference from one of my colleague. After taking quotation from few interior houses finally we decided to place order to Bosky, Axis mall store. Because we found their quotation was reasonable in compare to their quality standard. Their designs are very creative. Execution time was within stipulated period of time. Whole things were well executed. Materials given as per commitment in quotation. Their marketing, design and execution team were very helpful through out the time. Most importantly their design team understood our needs very well and suggested accordingly. Thanks Bosky team.

  • Tushar Bharech


    Bosky and team did the interior work for my bedroom…They have done a splendid job…Such an exquisite look…Even purchased couple of sofa sets, dining table and chairs…”Excellent Product quality, varied teak wood furniture collection, amazing designs & colours and reasonable price… The staff is also very polite and well behaved…Thank you Mr. Kundu for such an amazing work…Will always buy and suggest people to buy from here only!

  • ronita chowdhury

    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality

    Done full interior, modular kitchen, false ceiling, paint etc for my 3BHK apartment from Bosky Axis mall store. We are very delighted with their craftsmanship, finishings and product quality. The materials they used were as per their quotation. Store staff Mr. Soumya was very helpful throughout the time.
    Services: Couches/sofas, Refurbishment

  • Arjun Mondal


    Bosky team made our modular kitchen well within the promised schedule. We approached them with our views and ideas. Amazingly Bosky team completed the work with perfection. We were really comfortable with their professional approach and skilled technicians. The outcome was quite satisfactory. I will recommend others also. Thanks for the good work keep it up..


Find out all the answers to your questions about modular kitchens in Kolkata with our comprehensive FAQs guide.

How much does a modular kitchen cost in Kolkata?

A modular kitchen in Kolkata can cost anywhere from INR 60,000 to INR 2,00,000 or more, depending on the size, materials utilized, level of design intricacy, and other features.

How much does a modular kitchen cost per square foot in Kolkata?

A modular kitchen price per sqft in Kolkata can typically ranges from INR 1,200 to INR 1,800 depending on the customization, materials, and design.

What is the ideal size of a modular kitchen in Kolkata?

The best size of a modular kitchen in Kolkata typically ranges from 8 feet by 8 feet to 12 feet by 12 feet. It can give you plenty of space for necessary appliances and allow for easy movement while you're cooking.

Is modular kitchen long-lasting?

Yes, modular kitchen cabinet are designed to be long-lasting and durable, as they are constructed using high-quality materials and modern manufacturing techniques, ensuring they can withstand daily wear and tear for many years.

What is the difference between a regular kitchen and a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens offer more flexibility, customization possibilities, and quick installation than traditional on-site built kitchens because they are made out of pre-made units.

Is modular kitchen termite-proof?

Yes, a lot of modular kitchen design Kolkata are made using termite-resistant materials including treated wood, laminates, and PVC finishes, which give them a high level of resistance to termite infestations.

What are the different types of modular kitchen in Kolkata?

There are several types of readymade kitchen cabinets in Kolkata, including L-shaped, U-shaped, parallel, island, aluminium modular kitchen and straight-line layouts, and more each with its design and functionality to fit varied preferences and available space.

Why should I opt for a modular kitchen in Kolkata?

A modular kitchen in Kolkata is a smart and practical solution for increasing your cooking experience and home aesthetics since it offers individualized design possibilities, quicker installation, and ease of maintenance.

Who is the best dealer of modular kitchen in Kolkata?

Bosky Furniture is widely considered the best modular kitchen dealer in Kolkata, providing a large range of high-quality, customizable modular kitchen service in Kolkata at affordable prices.

Can I customize the design of my modular kitchen?

Yes, modular kitchens offer a wide range of customization choices, allowing you to adjust the design to your tastes and available space.

Can I add appliances to my modular kitchen?

Yes, you can integrate various appliances and kitchen accessories like chimneys, hobs, ovens, and refrigerators into your modular kitchen design.

How can I maximize storage space in a modular kitchen?

To maximize space usage, modular kitchens provide numerous storage solutions such as pull-out baskets, corner units, and overhead cabinets.

How do I choose the right modular kitchen design for my home?

When choosing the best modular kitchen design, keep your lifestyle, available space, storage requirements, and aesthetic preferences in mind.

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