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Latest Sliding Wardrobe design

Personalized Sliding Wardrobes in Kolkata

  • Crafted from premium BWR plywood; options include glass, laminates, teak veneer, or acrylic finishes.
  • Innovative sliding door systems with smooth functioning.
  • Choose from mirror gloss, matte, or suede finishes in various colors and patterns.
  • Branded hardware and accessories, all tailored to your size and storage needs.
  • Achieve a flawless finish with our top-notch German machinery.
  • Designed by experienced carpenters with years of expertise.
  • Enjoy a lifetime warranty against termite damage.
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Follow the recommended weight limits to preserve furniture.

Prolonged sunlight exposure may lead to color or polish fading.

Gentle cleaning; avoid harsh tools like scrub pads.

Go for a wax rub-down every six months.

Latest Sliding Wardrobe design

Floral Print Lacquered Glass Wardrobe

1. Lacquered glass shutters made of BWR plywood with a matt finish

2. Beautiful floral print with stylish handles

3. Made of high-quality material and accessories

4. Aluminum profile finish in shutters and handle

5. Lifetime Termite Protection

6. Designed by an experienced carpenter with German machine technology

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Wipe the glass surface with a soft cloth or sponge.

Do not apply excessive pressure on the sliding doors.

To avoid discoloration, keep it away from direct sunlight.

Do not place heavy objects on the wardrobe.

Latest Sliding Wardrobe design

Stylish Sliding Wardrobe Cum Dresser

1. Wardrobe made of Century ply with matt finish

2. Available in dusty rose shade

3. Attached with a dresser and drawer unit

4. Made with top-notch German machine finish

5. Made from premium quality materials and accessories

6. Best storage option for bedrooms

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Dust the surfaces of wardrobe with a soft, dry cloth.

Do not put too much weight in drawers.

Regularly check sliders for smooth drawer and door operation.

Use coasters or mats while placing cosmetics on the dresser.

Latest Sliding Wardrobe design

Vibrant Wooden Sliding Wardrobe

1. Made of BWR plywood with laminates and a glossy finish

2. Available in cherry red color

3. Attached with a mirrored dresser and 7 top-shelves

4. Lifetime warranty on termite damage

5. Made of branded materials 

6. Designed by professional carpenters 

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Use a wood-friendly cleaner for occasional cleaning.

Keep the wardrobe away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration.

Move the sliding doors gently to avoid strain on the tracks.

To protect the finish, give a wax rub every six month.

Latest Sliding Wardrobe design

Dual purpose Sliding Wardrobes

1. Made of Green plywood with a teak veneer finish

2. Unique geometric design to complement stylish interior

3. Attached with a large dresser, mirrored display shelf, and top shelves

4. Made of the finest quality materials and accessories

5. Unique mirror design

6. Crafted by professional carpenters with full care.

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Check and lubricate sliders periodically to ensure smooth operation.

Using a soft, dry cloth, dust the surfaces on a regular basis.

Clean the mirror with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

Do not put heavy strain on the wardrobe.

Latest Sliding Wardrobe design

Latest Lacquered Glass Sliding Wardrobes

1. Made of BWR plywood with lacquered glass finish

2. Effortless sliding door mechanisms

3. Wonderful combination of yellow, white, and black color

4. Shutters made of aluminum profile finish

5. Crafted with top-notch German machine

6. Offers ample storage for clothing and accessories

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Protect your clothes from the direct sun's rays.

Wipe away fingerprints promptly with a soft cloth.

Clean it with a good-quality glass cleaner.

Keep the wardrobe away from sharp objects.

Say Goodbye To Clutter With Our Modern Sliding Wardrobe In Kolkata

Your luxurious bedroom might have everything to relax and sleep comfortably. But does it have a sliding wardrobe?

Nope…then it’s high time to bring it home. It can make your messy room more organized and also add a touch of style to your space.

Known as the leading sliding wardrobe manufacturers in Kolkata, we try to simplify your life by providing you best storage solution for your sweet home.

Our wooden wardrobes are spacious enough to store all your favorite clothing and essential accessories from blankets to bed sheets. Some of them even come with a special dressing space.

Our wardrobe collection comprises designer and affordable pieces that simplify both your life and your room. So, are you ready to add a new dimension to your bedroom organization?

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Budget-friendly Sliding Wardrobe

Why Sliding Wardrobes In Kolkata Is The Ideal Solution For Your Home?

Wondering whether you should buy a sliding wardrobe for your bedroom? Don’t worry! Our best interior decorators in Kolkata have mentioned some major benefits of this space-saving solution. Let's find out!

Big Impact In Small Space

When compared to the hinged door wardrobes, the sliding wardrobes require less floor space. 

Simple Installation

Take a deep breath as our sliding wardrobes are designed for hassle-free installation.

Reflection Of Your Taste

Share your ideas and preferences to create a personalized sliding wardrobe that complements your style.

Reach Every Corner With Ease

It has a smooth sliding mechanism that lets you access all of your items easily. 

Store With Style

Our sliding door wardrobe collection comes in various designs and shades making your space look beautiful. 

Stand the Test of Time

We make sliding door wardrobes with the finest materials and finishes that last for many years.

Claim Your Stylish Wardrobe Today From Best Sliding Wardrobe Manufacturers

Get rid of those cluttered spaces and bring your home a brand-new and stylish sliding wardrobe. Don’t settle for less- Choose excellence today!

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Check Out The Best Selling Sliding Wardrobe In Kolkata

Dive into the gallery of best interior designing company in Kolkata to see how we have changed the entire look of a room by adding space-saving and stylish sliding door wardrobes.

Best Sliding wardrobes
Best Sliding wardrobes
Best Sliding wardrobes
Best Sliding wardrobes
Best Sliding wardrobes
Best Sliding wardrobes
Best Sliding wardrobes
Best Sliding wardrobes
Best Sliding wardrobes
Best Sliding wardrobes

Browse Latest Work Of Best Sliding Wardrobe Manufacturers In Kolkata

Witness the latest designs from Kolkata's top wardrobe experts. See how we make spaces more beautiful and organized with our wardrobe furniture. Explore now and get inspired!

Why Does The City Of Joy Prefers Our Sliding Wardrobes?

Join the joyous trend of living a comfortable life with Bosky interior! Our sliding wardrobes have brought style, organization, and smiles to many homes. Discover why we are the number one choice for elegant living!

Plenty Of Storage Space

Our wardrobes provide ample room for all your belongings, keeping your space tidy, organized, and clutter-free effortlessly.

Countless Designs

We offer a diverse range of wardrobes starting from wooden to mirrored ones in various colors and designs.

Effortless quality

We use strong and high-quality materials and finishes to create furniture that will simplify your living experience.

Cost Effective Prices

Our budget-friendly sliding wardrobes ensure you get exceptional sliding wardrobes without breaking the bank.

Lifetime Termite Protection

Our wardrobes come with a lifetime termite warranty, ensuring long-term durability and peace of mind.

Top Quality Craftsmanship

Whenever you choose us, you can feel the joy of having a stylish wardrobe that is tailored to your tastes and preferences. 

Various Types Of Sliding Wardrobes Designs At Affordable Cost In Kolkata

With plenty of options available in the market, you might get confused about what to buy. As one of the best interior designing company, we are going to make your shopping a breeze. Explore a wide range of stylish, and reasonably priced wardrobe designs in Kolkata.

Mirrored Sliding Wardrobes

Do you have a fascination with those gleaming mirrors? If yes…you should look for a mirrored sliding wardrobe. These wardrobes feature mirrored doors that serve the dual purpose of storage and functioning as a full-length mirror. You can place them in your bedroom or dressing space by replacing those space-consuming standalone mirrors.

Glass-paneled Sliding Wardrobes

You might have probably seen glass panels in the doors of that traditional almirah in your childhood. Well, this is just an updated version of those classics with advanced features. Even Lacquered glass sliding wardrobes in Kolkata can create a visually open and airy atmosphere, while still providing privacy for the wardrobe contents.

Wooden Sliding Wardrobes

Woods adds a classic touch to any home furniture. And if it is about a bedroom wardrobe, what could be a more ideal option... Right? We make wardrobes using strong plywood or teakwood that not only adds beauty to your house décor but also lasts for generations. Moreover, you can choose the ideal one from a variety of shades and design options.

Combination Sliding Wardrobes

Just like the combination of chocolate with coffee, a combination of anything results in a unique and more wonderful product. Likewise, combination wardrobes combine different materials, such as wood and glass or wood and mirrors, to create a unique and personalized design. These wardrobes let you showcase your collection with style while meeting your storage needs.

What Factors Can Increase The Cost Of Sliding Wardrobe In Kolkata?

Being the best interior designers in Kolkata, we can share from our expertise of 12+ years that crafting the perfect sliding wardrobe involves a delicate balance of factors that influence its cost.

The first thing that might affect your pocket is the choice of materials you made, whether it's laminates, veneers, or glass finish.

Again cost of a bigger sliding wardrobe is higher compared to smaller ones. Furthermore, the type of sliding mechanism also influences the final price.

If you decide to add special touches like mirrors or unique finishes, it can enhance the look but may increase the overall cost. So, keep this thing in mind while calculating the final cost of sliding wardrobes.

However, Rest assured, we can offer the best furniture at an affordable cost without compromising the quality.

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Budget-friendly Sliding Wardrobe

How To Pick The Best Sliding Wardrobe For Your Space?

If you are concerned about buying the right wardrobe for your home, just relax! We're here to guide you on making the best investment for a quality furniture.

Measure Your Space

Take into account both height and width to make sure the sliding wardrobe fits perfectly in the designated space.

Consult A Style Guru

When in doubt, search online for “interior designer near me” to get the best insights on selecting the ideal wardrobe.

Material Matters

Select a material like classic wood or laminates that will meet your needs for durability and visual appeal.

Lights, Closet, Action!

Use lighting inside or outside the closet to improve visibility and add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom.

Palette Perfection

Make sure your choice of colour be it light or vibrant hues works well with the current colour scheme in your room.

Style On A Budget

Set a realistic budget and find out wardrobes within that range. Quality sliding wardrobes can be found at various price points.

Get Free Quotes On Most Stylish And Irresistible Sliding Wardrobes

Seize the opportunity to create not just a room, but a haven of comfort. Get in touch with the best sliding wardrobe manufacturers to save your floor space!

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FAQs Related To Best Sliding Wardrobe Collection

Do you have any queries about bedroom wardrobe manufacturer? Find quick answers in our FAQs comprehensive guide.

Who Is The Best Distributor Of Sliding Wardrobes In Kolkata?

Bosky Interiors are the best supplier of wardrobes. They offer the best prices in Kolkata and design the furniture as per their customer requirements and space.

What Is The Cost Of A Bedroom Wardrobe In Kolkata?

A wardrobe can range between INR 28,000 to INR 50,000 or above as per the design and materials used.

Are Sliding Wardrobes Cheaper Than 2 Door And 3 Door Almirah?

Sliding closets can vary in cost. They may be more expensive due to design complexity, but they allow efficient space utilization. Traditional two and three-door almirahs are usually less expensive compared to them.

Where Can I Find The Premium Quality Wardrobes For Bedroom?

Bosky Interior is the best option when buying a wooden wardrobe for your bedroom.

Who Is The Best Dealer Of Sliding Wardrobe In West Bengal?

Bosky Interior shines as a top sliding wardrobe dealer in Kolkata and is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Is Sliding Door Good For A Wardrobe?

Sliding doors are a fantastic choice for wardrobes since they save space while giving simple access and maximizing room usage.

What Is The Average Height Of A Sliding Wardrobe?

The average height of a sliding closet is 2450mm.

What Is The Cost Of A Full Height Wardrobe In Kolkata?

The average cost of a full-height clothing cabinet is INR 40,000 in Kolkata.

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