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Reveling Different Types Of Wardrobes And Designs For Your Dream Closet

Are you a fashion enthusiast who buys fashionable clothes every now and then? Or, are you worried about your clothes overflowing in your storage space? Whatever the reason, as the best wardrobe manufacturer in Kolkata, we will guide you through breathtaking different types of wardrobes design suitable for your bedroom. Keep reading with us! 😉

  • 13 Apr, 2024
Explore Different Types Of Wardrobe Designs In Kolkata : Blog Poster

Bring Slice Of Heaven To Your Place With Different Types Of Wardrobes Style

Is your wardrobe crammed with clothes that you cannot fit in? 

Ahh! That's a really worry we all deal with. Imagine, you have an early morning meeting and you are shuffling through your bunch of clothes scattered all over your compact storage space.😓 Finding your perfect dress for the important session becomes difficult, isn't it? 

That is why, you need to choose a wardrobe where space is not a matter and everything fits in clutter-free. Maybe, a walk in wardrobe in Kolkata or sliding wardrobe in Kolkata is what you are looking for? 🤔

Thus, as the best interior designing company in Kolkata, Bosky Interior is here to solve all your wardrobe woes with our stylish different types of wardrobes. 

So, don't wait and immerse yourself in our array of different types of wardrobe design that you will spend an evening admiring. 💫

Wardrobe design in Kolkata

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16 Different Types Of Wardrobes That You Can Opt As Stylish Storage

1. Lacquered Glass Wardrobe 

Made with high-quality plywood lacquered glass wardrobes are the revolutionary style statement that every fashionista must have in their homes. The glossy wardrobe finish is sure to wipe your feet off the ground. 💨

Apart from that, we have the best deals on lacquered glass wardrobe price in Kolkata that you mustn't skip. 

Lacquered glass wardrobe

2. Sliding Door Wardrobe Types

The sleek design of this kind of wardrobe is perfect for you if you are looking for a space-saving wardrobe design. You can effortlessly open the swift slide doors without putting in much pressure. 

Besides, the array of color options is sure to make you fall in love with all our sliding door wardrobes. 

Sliding door wardrobe

3. Walk-In Wardrobe For Extra Space

The new cool in bedroom wardrobe, walk in wardrobe designs are what every space in your bedroom yearns for.😍 Imagine this: you walking through your well-organized walk-in wardrobe to pick your perfect fit for the day. 

Sounds luxurious, right? 

It absolutely does give the best feeling to own a space tailored to your personality and mood. 

Walk in wardrobe type

4. Wooden Standard Size Wardrobe

Among different types of bedroom wardrobes, a fine wooden wardrobe always remains timeless for its elegant charm and raw grain textures. Look, how regal this wooden latest wardrobe design is, perfect for your modern home. 

Wooden wardrobe design

5. High Ceiling Wall-Mounted Wardrobe

If you want to utilize every inch of your bedroom, then, what can be better than a wall-mounted wardrobe with an in-built dresser? 😉

Wall mounted wardrobe type

6. Glossy Fitted Wardrobe With Pull Out Drawers

In the realm of different types of closet, a fitted wardrobe with extra drawers is the right one for space optimization. Hence, leaving you with loft storage for safekeeping your accessories. 

Ceiling to floor wardrobe

7. Full-Length Glass Wardrobe

Want a wardrobe that provides you with aesthetic values? 🤭

Opt for a full-length glass wardrobe like this one that looks heavenly without compromising the functionality of space-saving ideas. 

Glass wardrobe

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8. Hinged Door Wardrobe

If you have enough space in your closet area or bedroom to open the doors of your wardrobe. Then, a hinged wardrobe never goes out of revolving style to make your cozy place beautiful. 

Hinged door wardrobes in Kolkata

9. Mirrored Glass Wardrobe 

Mirrored glass wardrobes are for the ones who know how to style up their bedroom with the functionality of a closet and a dressing area.👗🪞 The mirror acts as a reflection, making your room look bigger than before. 

You can also customize your mirrored wardrobe with shutter sliding doors or hinged doors as per your space needs. 

Mirror sliding wardrobe pic

10. Double Door Sliding Wardrobe

Do you have less space in your bedroom area? 🤨

No worries! We have the best closet in our different types of wardrobes saved for you. A double-door sliding wardrobe serves the best for small spaces with extra storage capacity. The hanging rod system to hang your clothes in is a must-have.

Black and yellow double door sliding wardrobe

11. Triple-Door Laminated Glossy Wardrobe

If you want some extra space in your wardrobe for your partner as well. Then, look at the elegance of this triple-door pull-out wardrobe. 

The glossy texture with golden paneling is just perfect for a luxe-looking bedroom. 

Triple doored wardrobe photo

12. Corner Wardrobe With Upside Lofts

Corner wardrobes are the best for bedroom spaces that you cannot optimize due to space issues. Perfectly built to fit any corner of your home, these different kinds of wardrobe come in a variety of colors and designs. 🤩

You can also customize your corner wardrobe with extra lofts on the upper side for more storage.

Corner single wardrobe

13. Basic Acrylic Wardrobe With Mirror

Looking for a highly durable wardrobe design type?

Get introduced to the beauty of an acrylic wardrobe style that blends seamlessly with the existing design of your bedroom. 

Acrylic wardrobe for modern homes

14. Freestanding Wardrobe Design

Choosing the right wardrobe according to the space in your room is not enough at times, opting for a wardrobe solution that suits your storage wants is the one. 

So, a freestanding movable wardrobe is the one that you must buy if you want to move your wardrobe according to your needs. Or, if you stay in a rented apartment. 

Standing wooden wardrobe with glass

15. Bespoke Type Of Wardrobe

Bespoke wardrobes are an excellent choice among many homeowners who want to match their styling game with ultimate functionality. The checked boxes, basket storage, and extra side lofts are enough for adequate space storage problems.

Multiple shelves wardrobe design

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16. Pull-Out Wardrobe

Maximize your storage capacity with pull-out drawers and upper lofts for all your fashion problems.😎 You can even customize your pull-out wardrobe with us like this. 

Big wardrobe for big bedroom

Why Choose Bosky Interior As Your Wardrobe Designer?

At Bosky Interiors, we do not believe in just designing wardrobes. But, we put extra effort into making something that defines your personality. Welcome to our world and see how we shape up your dreams. ✨


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Choosing the one that compliments your interior space can be a game changer among different types of wardrobes. So make space to introduce a whole world of alluring wardrobes waiting to revoltize your dressing area.

So, which wardrobe design did you like the most? 😉

Make Your Perfect Choice For Wardrobes With Bosky Interior!

Let us craft your dreamy wardrobe with intricate design works that you cannot take your eyes off! 👀

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