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Factors Determining 3 BHK Flat Interior Design Cost in Kolkata

The demand for 3BHK flats in Kolkata is always high. The average cost of a 3BHK flat in Kolkata will range in lakhs. However, the actual cost depends on a few factors like the floor area, location and building height. If you’re planning to buy a 3BHK and decorate the same with a luxurious finish, then the interior design cost can be beyond your imagination.

Again the 3 BHK flat interior design cost in Kolkata cant be quoted in its absolute sense. Like the cost of the flat, interior design costs depend on several factors. Do you need help with the cost of the interior designs of a 3BHK flat? No need to worry. Read on to learn the factors that help determine the correct cost of interior decoration.

4 Factors That Determine The Cost of Interior Designing in a 3BHK flat

1. Decoration area of flat
Not every 3BHK is of the same size. Every flat has a different layout; hence, the work area changes depending on the same. The cost depends on the area of the flat that requires it to be decorated. For instance, the living room of one flat can be bigger than the other. Hence the decoration changes depending on the area of the flat. Along with the carpet area, there’s a separate work area where the interior decoration takes place. This needs to be determined before taking any action.

2. Types of materials used
The cost of interior designing and decorating largely depends on the materials, furniture and fixtures used to decorate the apartment. From switchboards and laminates to wallpapers and tiles, the type of material you choose will determine the cost you have to incur for the same. If you choose inexpensive materials, you can save money on the same.

3. Craftsmanship and decor
The interior design cost also depends on the overall craftsmanship and the skills of the interior decorator. If a reputed and skilled decorator does the decoration, the cost will surge compared to the average rates. On the contrary, if you hire normal technicians for the job, the decoration can be completed at an average rate.

4. Interior design expenses
Sometimes the location plays an important role in determining the cost of the interior designs. For instance, if the project is located far away from the town of Kolkata, then the interior decorators will add conveyance charges along with the same. Similarly, if there’s no accommodation facility for the workers, the cost will surge.

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