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Revamp Your Bathroom: The Ultimate Guide To Bathroom Tile Selection!

Is your bathroom stuck in the 90s?  Ditch the dated decor and say hello to spa-worthy vibes with the ultimate guide to bathroom tile selection! 😎 Kolkata's best interior designer reveals the do's and don'ts of choosing bathroom tiles, from material and size to floor slipperiness and cleaning ease, to help you find the perfect tiles to complement your style and transform your bathroom’s entire look.

  • 11 Feb, 2024
Kolkata's Interior Designer Shares How To Choose Bathroom Tiles: Blog Poster

Namaskar, Kolkata!

Have you ever felt like your bathroom belongs in a black-and-white movie rather than in your beautiful home? 🙄

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you. As a renowned bathroom interior designer in Kolkata, we're here to help you change your boring bathroom into a stunning place worthy of a magazine cover!

Whether you choose ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles, there are several important factors to consider because the material, size, color, texture, and pattern of the tiles you choose influence the overall design and functioning.

Forget about those overwhelming choices and confusing trends. We'll break it down into easy and simple steps. Plus, we’ll share insider tips on finding high-quality tiles at budget-friendly prices. 🤩

how to pick out tile for bathroom

You might have searched for “interior designer near me” multiple times, but never come up with good advice. 😞However, Bosky Interior being the most trust-worthy interior designer promises you to upgrade your bathroom like a luxurious spa. Other than bathroom renovation, we are also known as the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata and skilled puja room interior designers in Kolkata.

So, say goodbye to a dull bathroom and hello to a stunning space. Let’s get started! 😍

Expert Tips On How To Choose Bathroom Tiles

1. Choose the Right Tiles for Your Bathroom

Choosing tiles for a small bathroom can be quite challenging as there are many options available online. Many people ask us “How to choose bathroom tiles for small bathroom?"

First, avoid using simple white tiles. Instead, add flair to a small room by using vibrant colors or eye-catching patterns. Just stick to lighter colors that make your bathroom appear larger.

Consider using mosaic tiles. Their multi-colored pixelated appearance brightens the walls and floors of the bathroom.

With the right small bathroom tile ideas, even the smallest bathroom can make a big visual impact. 🤩

how to pick out tile for bathroom

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2. Give Priority To The Texture

When considering how to select bathroom tiles, one of the most important criteria is sometimes overlooked which is texture.

If you want your bathroom to feel like a spa, use tiles that resemble natural materials such as stone or marble. These textures are not only stunning, but they also create a relaxing mood. Smooth tiles, on the other hand, are easy to clean but may require more maintenance. Consider what works best for you and your bathroom.

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3. Consider The Right Quantity

Another important answer to your question “How to pick out bathroom tile?” is calculating the number of tiles you need for bathroom design. Measure the total size of the room and then add 10-15% extra to the list.

This extra helps cover any mistakes or unexpected needs, like cuts around pipes or outlets, or repairs if tiles break later on. Measure each wall and floor space where you will be tiling and plan any patterns or layouts you desire.

how to pick out tile for bathroom

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4. Consider Slip resistance for wet floor safety

When selecting bathroom tiles, especially for the shower floor or around the tub, don't overlook slip resistance. Safety comes first, right? 👍

We suggest you to opt for textured surfaces, such as matte finishes or embossed patterns which provide a better grip even when wet.

how to choose bathroom tiles

5. Pick A Water Resistant Material

Choose Style and Design That Reflects Your Personality

Your choice of bathroom tiles allows you to express yourself and create an environment that’s all your own. Do you prefer items that look simple and calming?

If yes, then choose smooth, light-colored tiles to create a relaxing mood. If you love having fun and excitement, go wild with bright colors and unusual designs.

If you love to travel ✈ and explore, bring a touch of the world into your bathroom with tiles inspired by exotic locations, such as Moroccan or tropical themes.

6. Make Sure To Choose Durable Materials

When considering how to choose bathroom floor and wall tiles, durability should be the first thing that strikes your mind. But how to pick bathroom floor tile that is both durable and beautiful? 🤔

Let’s give you a simple solution! 😊 Using high-quality materials such as porcelain or ceramic ensures that your tiles can survive regular wear and tear, water splashes, and even the occasionally dropped shampoo bottle.

Not only will this save you the time and money associated with frequent replacements, but durable tiles will also maintain their lovely appearance for many years to come.

how to choose bathroom tiles

7. Choose Tiles That Are Easy To Maintain

Tiles that can survive dampness, soap scum buildup, hard water stains, and daily wear and tear will save you time and hassle over the years.

Choose smooth, non-porous materials, such as ceramic or porcelain tiles. These prevent dirt and grime buildup, making them easy to clean with a single wipe. ✨

how to choose bathroom tiles

8. Focus On The Size and Layout

Size matters, even in your bathroom! Small spaces like yours benefit from smaller or medium tile size. Consider the dimensions of your bathroom space; if it's small, choose smaller tiles such as mosaic for a cozy atmosphere, while medium-sized tiles work well for in-between sizes.

Remember to properly measure your space before you begin tiling. This allows you to visualize the layout and avoid unpleasant surprises later.

9. Color Selection Is The Key To Aesthetics

If you’re wondering how to pick bathroom tile colors that seem like a spa retreat, let me tell you you can make that happen with the magic of well-chosen colors. Light tones, such as white, cream, or pale blue, make small spaces feel spacious and cheerful.

On the other hand, a colorful accent wall or patterned border can add a vibrant touch without overwhelming the space. Just remember, balance is key! Most importantly, choose colors that make you happy. 😁

how to pick bathroom floor tile

10. Make Informed Choices That Matches Your Pocket Size

When thinking about how to choose tiles for small bathroom spaces, always consider what you can afford. Ceramic tiles are a wallet-friendly option, starting at around ₹40 per square foot.

Mosaic tiles provide variety while being cost-effective, with prices ranging from ₹40 to ₹80 per square foot. Granite and marble tiles are elegant yet expensive, starting at ₹200 and ₹250 per square foot, respectively.

However, tile skins, starting at 168 per square foot, are a cost-effective choice for refreshing the bathroom design. And if you're after a trendy look, wood-finish tiles are popular and start at ₹200 per square foot.

And, before you begin tiling the bathroom, decide your budget and select tiles that make both your bathroom and pocket happy. 🤑

how to pick bathroom floor tile

So, are you ready to turn your bathroom into a haven that rivals the elegance of the a grand hotel? 😃

Well, with the right tile choices, that dream can become your reality!

But if you ever feel lost in the sea of options, don't hesitate to reach out! As your friendly interior design guide, we're here to help you finish the design process with ease and create a bathroom that truly sings your tune.

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