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How To Infuse Traditional Bengali Art And Culture In Your Home Decor

Are you someone who has an intense love for Bengali culture? 😇 Or do you want to add a touch of Indian decor ideas to your home interiors? Then we have the right interior design ideas for you to transform your contemporary home into a relaxing space of Bengali elegance. Find out how to infuse Bengali art and craft in home decor in this blog post with us. 

  • 13 Jan, 2024
How To Infuse Bengali Art And Craft In Home Decor - Blog Poster

Turn Your Home Interiors Into A Peaceful State Of Art With Authentic Bengali Decor

A wise man once said 'a home is where the heart belongs' and it is eventually true if you have ever visited the house of a proud Bengali owner. Bengali culture and art have received global love and appreciation worldwide for its awe-inspiring art forms, from festivals like Durga Puja, talented artisans, and rich heritage celebrations, to the cultural charm.

As the best interior decorators in Kolkata, we can say that the same is true even in the creative spaces of interior decoration. Incorporating elements and art pieces that resonate with your personality and soul is something that we all want, but many fail to achieve.

So did you buy a new home? And, now are you searching for the top 'interior designer near me' on your screen to transform your home? 🤔

Well, then, you are at the right place my friend! We at Bosky Interiors are the best interior designer in Dumdum, who can help you bestow your home decoration with the perfect balance of Bengali lifestyle, culture, and art inspiration that you would love. 

So, what are you waiting for? 🤭

Continue reading this blog to the end to learn how to infuse Bengali art and craft in home decor with us. 🛋️

How to infuse Bengali art and craft in home decor pic of a home inetrior

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How To Infuse Bengali Art And Craft In Home Decor That Will Trend?

1. Regal Wooden Furniture

If you have ever visited the homes of your Bengali friends, then you can find that their homes are heavily adorned with beautiful wooden furniture. Woods like teakwood or rosewood are typically dark colored and come with unique grains and patterns that can elevate the look of your home while adding the charm of rich Bengal.

Thus, add furniture pieces like wooden sofas, chairs, dining tables, or diwan to make your home look like a royal empire's. 👑

A dining table with four chairs by Bosky furnitures pic

2. Wall Art And Hangings

Is it wrong to say that most Bengalis love everything that involves the play of art in it? 🤔 Not really, right?

Then incorporating art in the form of wall hangings and portraits is another great way, how to infuse Bengali art and craft in home decor. So, get ready to welcome your friends, family, and relatives to a paradise that celebrates the 19th Century Bengali art.

Isn't this home with alluring art portraits looking artistic in your eyes? 🖼️😍

Wall art to transform home into a Bengali decor pic

3. Decorative Ceiling Lights

Want to make your modern home warm and reflect the inspiring streets of North Kolkata?

Well, what can be better than investing in a ceiling light that glorifies the essence of India?

Illuminate your living space with the brilliance of a drop-down pendant light or a royal 'jhumar' in your way to how to infuse Bengali art and craft in home decor. 💡🩵

A Jhumar pic
infusing bengali art and craft in home decor pic

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4. A Comfy Sofa Made Of Wood

The next time you visit a conventional Bengali house, make sure to observe a royal sofa couch. You can easily spot this in their living room, study room, or even on the Verandah.

An elegant curved sofa item made out of the finest wood represents the rich artistry of India that is drawing attention from all across the borders. 😌

Simplify your home decor with the finest pieces of Bengali art and craft with handloom printed cushions.

A royal wooden sofa pic

5. Bengali Art Sculptures

Do you want to invest in a cozy corner that feels welcoming and traditional? 🥰

Well, we at Bosky Interiors, exactly know what you are looking for. Look how beautiful this section of the living room looks with a simple piece of humble Buddha sculpture.

Besides that, you can also incorporate the glorious Dokra art of Bengal in your home interiors by bringing home the purity of Goddess Durga figurines. Thus, displaying the raw Indian craft of Odia or Bengali interiors.

Dokra Nataraj Sculpture pic
A peaceful Buddha showpiece with mirror on the wall

6. Terracotta Products

Terracotta decorative products are part and parcel of almost all Bengali homes. So, why not think of charming the vibrant beauty of your home with terracotta decorative? 🤨

Terracotta pots, vases, wall hangings, and showpieces can additionally channel the tapestry of Bengali decor in your contemporary home interiors.

Terracotta pots image

7. Books

Bengali literature is probably the only bilingual Movement in India, that has spread its wings on a global stage, and believe me or not, you can find Bengali textbooks at every Bengali home you visit in India. 

So, are you someone who loves to dive deep into the intriguing words of Rabindranath Tagore? 💝

Then, denote a room with a classy bookshelf with books from renowned Bengali authors and see how your friends admire your collection when they visit your home next time. 📚📖

Books kept in a bookshelf pic

8. Classic Mirror Materials

Do you know that you can make your home interiors look spacious by using mirrors? 😊

Well, mirror materials are excellent products that never fail to leave an everlasting impression. So, you can place a mirror in your dining area to showcase practicality blended with the perfection that highlights the art and culture of Bengal through its reflection. 🪞

A beautiful mirror placed on a dining place to warm the home interiors pic

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While incorporating art with interior decoration knows no bounds, it only takes a creative mind and a dedicated soul to know how to infuse Bengali art and craft in home decor perfectly.

You can also contact us on our website of Bosky Interiors to transform your home that breathe the fresh air of Bengali culture and art.

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