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Creative Ideas for Your Apartment or Flat To Separate Living and Dining Areas

Unveil the 13 innovative ideas on how to separate living and dining areas in a flat or apartment. Learn tricks and tips from the best interior designer in Kolkata to make distinctly different spaces without losing style and functionality.

  • 25 Jun, 2024
Budget-friendly Interior Design Ideas For 2 BHK Flats in Kolkata

How to Separate Living and Dining Areas in a Flat

Open-concept layouts are trendy, but sometimes, you just need a clear division between your living and dining areas. Maybe you crave a cozy corner for movie nights without the distraction of dirty dishes, or perhaps you dream of hosting elegant dinner parties with a dedicated space for conversation. 

If you're thinking about how to divide living and dining spaces in an apartment, then keep reading. We are the best interior design company in Kolkata and bring you 13 ideas for creating distinctive yet connected spaces.

Whether you are planning a new layout or redeveloping an existing one, these ideas will turn out to be some of the best. Just as a modular kitchen in Kolkata or a modular bathroom in Kolkata can infuse smart utility with elegance, these separation techniques would infuse a sense of tidiness and taste into your flat. Our experienced interior decorators in Kolkata and flat interior designers in Kolkata offer these innovative solutions to help you achieve a seamless yet distinct separation between your living and dining areas.

Living room Interior design

Living the Separated Life: Creative Ideas for Your Flat

Create Space with Room Dividers

Room dividers create a highly flexible solution that instantly divides any open-plan apartment into different zones. Coming in all sorts of designs from folding screens to freestanding panels, room dividers themselves can be shuffled around or adjusted as need be. Room dividers offer physical separation and add to the decorative part of the living space.

Separate Living And Dining Areas In Flat

Stylish Sliding Doors for Flexible Living

With sliding doors, the space is stylishly divided without sealing the living and dining areas off from each other. And in turn, glass sliders allow light to percolate through, maintaining the line of sight across spaces. They are perfect for a flexible layout that you might keep rearranging with your needs.

Stylish Sliding Doors for Flexible Living

An Elegant Glass walls for a Modern Feel

A glass partition is going to be a sophisticated solution for space division, yet it does not obstruct the view. Such types of partitions bring light in and add an airy feel to any apartment. Use frosted or textured glass for privacy and extra design appeal.

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An Elegant Glass walls for a Modern Feel

Cozy Up With Curtains

Get all cozy with this simplest yet closest division of living and dining areas. Decorate this space with curtains that can easily be installed and drawn open or closed as required. Choose the color and fabric that will go in harmony with your interior. This is another excellent way to add softness and texture to a space.

Cozy Up With Curtains

Define Space with Furniture

Divide different spaces of an open-plan flat using furniture. One may position a sofa, bookshelf, or console table to create an illusory separation between the living and dining areas. This would allow functionality but still an open feel.

Define Space with Furniture

Addition of Charm Using Decorative Items

Introduce big floor-based plants, sculptures, or works of art into space for subtle division. One tall plant or a collection of sculptures, for example, could easily break up the two spaces without structural work.

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Living & Dining room

Add Definition with a Half or Partial Wall

A half wall can create separation between spaces and not inhibit the feeling of openness. It gives a clear division and functions as a functional element, like a shelf or counter. This solution provides the best of both worlds: clear divisions while retaining the connection between spaces.

Living & Dining room (10)

Play with Color Schemes

Different color schemes for the living and dining areas can be very distinctive to the eye and visually separate both. Get good matching but distinct colors to give a distinction. This is a subtle yet effective technique in defining different zones within an open-plan layout.


Light Up with Lighting Variations

Different light setups can help to differentiate living and dining areas. One might use pendant lights over the dining table and floor lamps  within the living area. This creates clearly defined lighting zones to provide additional separation between spaces, which further adds ambiance.

Light Up with Lighting Variations
Light Up with Lighting Variations

Use Space with Built-in Storage Solutions

Functional dividers like this could be cabinets or shelving units. They are good at providing much-needed storage while being able to give a clear boundary between the living and dining areas. It maximizes the space efficiency and adds value to your flat very practically.

Living & Dining room (12)


Bookshelves aren't used for just storing. An open, tall bookshelf allows light to filter through but separates the dining from living areas beautifully. This adds functionality to your space, given that it's also very cool and good-looking.


A Stylish Sliding Wardrobe for a Seamless Look

This piece could be a creative means of dividing the living from the dining area, especially in smaller flats. It serves two primary purposes: storage and division at the same time; hence, it is a pragmatic way to economize space with convenience.

Wardrobe interior Design

Rugs for Visual Separation

Rugs are a great way to separate different zones in an open-plan layout. To achieve visual separation between living and dining areas, place down contrasting rugs. This adds texture and warmth to your flat while subtly defining each space.

Rugs for Visual Separation


There is a great need to separate living and dining areas in one's flat with creativity and well-thought-through planning. You can personalize and design unique and consistent spaces in and around your home, all from these 13 ideas. Be it that modular kitchen you are thinking about in Kolkata or giving your flat's interior a makeover, our interior decorators in Kolkata will guide you at every step of the way. You may embed all these tips to convert your flat into an organized, stylish, and comfortable living place.

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