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20 Emerging Interior Trends in Kolkata For 2023

Looking out for Interior Design ideas to decorate your home? Check out these delightful interior trends in Kolkata that you will love.

  • 12 Jul, 2023
20 Emerging Interior Trends in Kolkata For 2023 - BLOG POSTER

Interior Trends in Kolkata

The year 2023 has seen a lot of modification when it comes to designs and changes in interior design patterns. We have already looked at some of the best interior designs by the best interior designers in Kolkata.

Bosky Interiors is the best interior designing company in Kolkata right now for its unique designs and reputed client servicing. You must keep in mind to choose from the best interior decorators in Kolkata to make your home a dreamland for you. 

We have a few of the best interior trends in Kolkata that you will love, so let’s dig in.

Pic of dining table with chairs

Vintage Living Room Trends 2023

The rise of vintage decors has got immense popularity in recent times when it comes to fabulous interior trends in Kolkata. The blast of bright colors soothes our eyes when mixed with twisted neutrals.

Vintage walls in a building

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The Pearl White Kitchen

When it comes to home decorations in Kolkata, clients pay more attention to the modeling of their kitchen. An all-pearl white kitchen is something that can classify your taste and can never go wrong when it comes to interior design ideas for the kitchen.

White kitchen picture

Minimalist Touch 

The minimalist touch in living rooms is winning the hearts of people with its mind blowing detailing yet doesn’t make your home look messy with too many decorations. Using a few pieces of furniture to finish off with a minimalist touch is the new home design trend.

Picture of minimalistic detailing of a room

Splash Of Colors

Experimenting with a lot of colors is in the interior color trends 2023.

You can try to decorate your bedroom or favorite corner with two or three fresh colors or you can go by just two colors as per your taste.

Pic of bicolor in a room

The Royal Puja Mandir In Interiors

One thing that we all have in common at our homes is the puja mandir that gives us peace and solace then why not decorate this corner with the best?

Don’t worry, we have the best home design trends for the puja mandir as well.

Turn your mandir into a royal one with wooden finishes and touches of metal.

Pic of Puja mandir

The Barbie Styled Bedroom

Barbies had been a favorite character for all the ladies when we were kids and if your kid too is obsessing over Barbies then turn the room into a pink land with the exclusive pink colors and white pieces of furniture.

Pic of pink colored room

Brick Detailing on the Walls Of the Bedroom

If you are someone who loves to customize everything according to your taste then this is one of the supreme interiors trends in Kolkata to look for.

Ask your home designer to look for neutral brick detailing on the bedroom walls to make them look sophisticated and bigger.

Picture of brick details on the walls of a room

The Golden Shade Of Royalty

Adding golden charm in every corner of your living room is the top home interior design idea for living room. 

This will not only look your home look bigger but also get ready to get flooded with compliments for choosing this home decoration interior.

Pic of golden tone on the room of the dining and living

The Aesthetic Art Walls

Sometimes, doing less means more and that’s the best option for you to go if you like minimum detailing around your bedroom.

Choose an aesthetic wall art for the interiors to turn the game.

Pic of exclusive wall arts in a room

The Show Of False Ceiling

Bosky Interiors has classy false ceiling options for you to opt for to take interior trends 2023 to the next level.

False ceiling in a room

Trendy Wallpaper Ideas For Bedroom

You can style your favorite corner of the house with wallpapers with heart-shaped detailing to give it a modern look.

Heart shaped wallpaper in the walls of a room

Wooden Furnishing As Trending Home Decor 2023

Wooden furnishing has always been on the top when it comes to interior trends in Kolkata. 

Bosky Interiors provides clients with aristocratic wooden finishes around the home.

Wooden decor pic as designing of a room

Bright And Stylish Furniture

Another way to experiment with interior design trends 2023 is simply choosing smart furniture for your rooms that are bright in color and serve as relaxation to the eyes.

Modern furnishing of a room picture

Wall-Fitted Temple Ideas

You can make your home a heavenly abode with a small space as well. A wall-fitted temple in your home will not just save your space but will also attract the attention of your friends, trust us on this.

Wall-fitted temple in the living room

Bright And White Modular Kitchen

Another very intelligent way to give your home a fresh touch of bright colors is choosing colors like white and orange for your kitchen as the modular kitchen latest design 2023.

Orange and white modular kitchen pic

The All Grey Home Decors Ideas 2023

Grey has always played an integral part when it comes to choosing neutral colors for home decor color trends.

We would suggest you decorate your abode with the elements of grey to turn your home into something magical.

Grey detailing picture of a room

Glass Bathroom Doors With Wooden Finish

Just like the other parts of your home, your bathroom too needs extra attention when it comes to designing your entire home.

Apply the finishes of wooden elements in your bathroom with an open glass door inside the bathroom.

Open glass door bathroom pic

The Show Of Lights As New Trends In Interior Design

Lights always add extra charm to all the corners of a home and have been in interior trends in Kolkata for a long time now. Finish your home interiors by adding more lights to the parts of the home.

Light detailing picture in a bedroom

Blue Hues

If you are planning to decorate a room for your boy child then there is no better color option than blue to start with. Decorate an entire room with blue walls, furniture, and bedding.

Pic of blue bedroom

The Never Out Of Style Marble Flooring

Marble is an exclusive element to add to your flooring option as it can add the perfect gloss and goes with any and every interior decoration.

Picture of marble floor on living room

These vibrant latest interior design trends will surely change your simple home into a show-stealing one and we promise you that none would be able to take off their eyes from your home.

You can check out Bosky Interiors for more amazing interior trends in Kolkata.

Pic with wooden details in a room

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