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28 Trending Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Design Ideas In 2023

 If you're looking for some trending modular kitchen backsplash tiles ideas in 2023 then look out this blog post to revamp your kitchen right now.

  • 28 Jun, 2023
28 Trending kitchen backsplash tiles design ideas in 2023 - blog poster

Hey! Have you finally made up your mind to say goodbye to the old, boring-kitchen and embrace something that absolutely looks stunning and beautiful? - Then, you need to take the kitchen backsplash area as one of the main things in your design plan. Since there are many kitchen backsplash tiles ideas that can be particularly useful for remodelling your kitchen right now.

Being the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata, we have tried to provide some latest backsplash tiles design ideas that you can incorporate to create a modular kitchen with your own hands.

The moment you start your kitchen remodelling this year and turn to tiles, you'll be happy to know that their designs have something that mostly matches the latest trends. These trends emphasize bold-colored tiles, different materials, and being creative to play with patterns and finishes. You can let your imagination run wild with an infinite number of chances, but keep in mind these top local trends for specific modular kitchen in Kolkata in 2023.

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1.  Pistachio Greens

It has an exceptional capability to make the kitchen look seductive and airy. Its cool- pop- up color complements the white appliances and rustic features, similar as the table and outflow pot rack. If you found this one suitable for your kitchen, then check this modular kitchen price in Kolkata online that fits your budget.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

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2. White Picket Tile

It's a perfect way to mix prints! The thin rectangular tiles in this section can complement other printed features, from bistro-style bar chairs to scalloped pendant lighting.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

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3.Black Subway Tile

If you're looking for stagecraft, consider this tile as your backsplash. Because its bold color can anchor neutral palettes and be a timeless selection for any contemporary, farmhouse, or traditional setting.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

4. Starburst Look

The light blue starburst design can bring the edge and excitement quotient. It pairs well with marble countertops, wooden shelves, and wicker chairs.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

5. Cool Geometry

This standout nicely with a green and white geometric backsplash and pairs well with white cabinets, gold accents, and woven lighting as an exciting addition.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

6. Framed Pattern

This blue backsplash tile design behind the kitchen counter can feature large block individual swirl pattern sections to focus on a portion of the cooking space.

7. Patterned Brown

Along with this brown geometric-patterned backsplash leather stool, dark island, and pendant lighting contribute to the kitchen's sophisticated flair.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

8. Vibrant Yellow

White kitchens can always benefit from a range of colors, like a cheerful yellow backsplash, unless your kitchen has ample natural light. Its bright shades can make a room look bigger and brighter.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

9. Stimulant Red

No matter what type of color you use to make the kitchen the most fashionable, vibrant red shades can provide a Victorian essence with dark wood furniture.

10. Flirty Coral

A coral backsplash is a boon for small kitchens because, like the range hood, its light shade balances the sleek metals with the wood floors and open shelves of the island.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

11. Rustic White Panels

The rustic kitchen can be combined with bright white wooden panels on the ceiling and backsplash to give a similar homespun feel to the kitchen with a wooden range hood to reflect the use of antique dining chairs.

12. Chic Chevron

The gray tones of this kitchen blend seamlessly with the trendy blue-and-white chevron backsplash. Also, the yellow light creates an interesting contrast that only makes the surrounding shadows pop.

13. Subway Tile

This backsplash tile complements the kitchen's deep gray cabinets and wooden island. Its simple touch can blend with any style.

 14. Playful Patterns

This layout boasts a blue-and-white palette that steals the show in your kitchen. Its bold design can easily pit against the silver appliances and surrounding white shelves and cabinets.

15. Kelly Green

Traditional kitchens with white cabinets and dark wood floors can add a stylish touch with glossy green tiles whose therapeutic color evokes peace and tranquility while cooking.

16. Watery Blue

This aqua blue backsplash tile can provide a beach vibe with its calm shade and fun pattern only contributing to the organized and simple aura of the area.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

17. Bright And Airy

A soft blue tile backsplash can easily accompany white cabinets and sunny views in the kitchen. A marble effect can always be trendy and on-theme with any industrial-style kitchen.

18. Modern Printing

A salvaged airplane part as a vent hood can add a dose of playfulness to the patterned kitchen tiles, a flattering touch to the retro character of the kitchen area.

19. Neutral Marble

Marble tiles for a neutral kitchen can add texture and draw the eye up to the ceiling. Featuring gold accents with knobs and shelf handles is just as elegant as it is to brighten up the area.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

20. Pop Of Mint

For white kitchens, dramatic-focal points can be constructed by the high-gloss mint green tiles that are useful to bring out orange stool cushions and silver lights to express yourself.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

21. Checkered Look

Graphic backsplash tiles can benefit an airy beach house kitchen from archway cutouts and beautiful pottery. Simple checkered patterns provide distinctiveness to keep them popular across generations.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

22. Lux Neutral

The precious look is always represented by brass accents and ornate pendants for the neutral circle pattern kitchen. Its complete design adds minimal grandeur to the project.

23. Cross The Geometric Square

This bold geometric backsplash can be used against the kitchen's emerald-green cabinets and black marble counters.

24. Soothing Gray

It is subdued with the neutral palette contributed by the modern tiles for the kitchen. Gray blends well with a wide range of colors and makes an excellent base to start from when designing a kitchen.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

25. Glossy Baby Blue Finish

A compact kitchen can have full-of-style and personality, gratitude goes to the high-gloss blue tiles that can increase the brightness due to the reflective surface.

26. Glam Emerald

This backsplash-comfortable tile allows potted plants in the kitchen to play off, adding white cabinets and wooden shelves to make them look attractive.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

27. Reclaimed Wood

Polish salvaged basketball court floorboards can be used to make an impressive backsplash for a designer kitchen.

latest kitchen tiles design ideas

 28. Textured Beauty

The kitchen's cream closets do not just add to its stinky vibe — a textured tableware backsplash is a contemporary element that adds both classic and deluxe.


So today, we bring up this topic to give you ideas on how to build your modular kitchen in Kolkata in 2023. To get the tiles you want to create your kitchen backsplash, find a trusted store that will serve you with the widest-selection, best prices, and excellent customer service when it comes to buying backsplash tiles.




What Is The Ideal Tile For Kitchen Backsplash?

The ideal kitchen backsplash tile should be durable, easy to clean, and visually appealing. So you can consider ceramic, glass, or porcelain tiles to complement the design of your kitchen style.


What Is A Good Color For A Backsplash?

For a backsplash, a suitable color depends on the overall kitchen aesthetic. Neutral colors, like white, gray, or beige, are universal and timeless, while bold shades can add a vibrant touch or create a focal point.


What Are The 4 Backsplash Material?

Ceramic tiles, glass tiles, natural stone (such as marble or granite), and stainless steel are included as four common backsplash materials depending on their own - aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements.


Can You Use Any Tile For Kitchen Backsplash?

Although you have the freedom-to-choose tiles for the kitchen backsplash, it is essential to think about the aspects like durability, water resistance, and ease of cleaning. Since not all tiles can be suitable - so, select ones that are specifically-designed for backsplash applications.

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