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What Are The 13 Lacquered Glass Modular Kitchen Cabinet Designs?

In every Kolkata house, the kitchen is most important place. The modular kitchen in Kolkata is where cooking magic happens and families come together to enjoy tasty Bengali food. As 2024 brings new trends in interior design, lacquered glass modular kitchen cabinets, built with the best interior designing company in Kolkata, are becoming a favorite for people who want to mix traditional style with modern beauty. Moreover, the lacquered glass wardrobe manufacturers in Kolkata are gaining popularity due to this trend. This blog sheds light on the 13 beautiful lacquered glass modular kitchen cabinet designs developed by the sliding wardrobe manufacturers in Kolkata.

  • 05 Jul, 2024
13 Lacquered Glass Modular Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas [2024]

The 13 lacquered Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Vibrant Bengali Palette

Feel the lively energy of Kolkata with glass cabinets painted in strong, traditional Bengali colours. Dark reds, mustard yellows, and vibrant greens respect the city's cultural history while creating an eye-catching look for your kitchen. These bright colours, similar to the famous Durga Puja celebrations in the city, make a lively feeling that shows the warm and energetic spirit of Bengali homes.

lacquered glass kitchen cabinets price

Minimalist Monochrome

For people who like more simple and elegant lacquered glass kitchen cabinets, using black and white lacquered glass cabinets gives a very classy look. This design is really good for small apartments in Kolkata because the shiny glass surfaces make rooms feel bigger than they are. The neat design and basic colours offer a flexible background to display bright Bengali kitchen tools and spice jars.

lacquered glass kitchen cabinets

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Textured Glass Fusion

Using textured lacquered glass in kitchen cabinet designs provides more dimension and makes the room look intriguing. Patterns that take inspiration from traditional Bengali fabrics, like Kantha embroidery or Jamdani weaves, can be delicately carved onto the glass panels. This mixing of old designs with new materials makes a special look that is modern but also has strong cultural ties.

Pearl white kitchen island design

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Metallic Accents

Enhance the kitchen atmosphere with lacquered glass kitchen cabinets that have metallic touches. Using gold or copper shades, like the complex designs seen in Kolkata's ancient temples, can be added to cabinet handles or as gentle detailing. These shining parts bring a bit of luxury and coziness to the kitchen, showing off the city's valuable building history.

Pristine white parallel modular kitchen

Nature-Inspired Greens

Choose lacquered glass cabinets in different green shades to capture the essence of Bengal's lush landscapes. Use colours like deep emerald and soft sage for a nature-inspired look that makes any space feel fresh and calm. This design choice is especially attractive for Kolkata homes wanting to introduce a touch of nature into city living spaces.

The green colour is extremely pleasing 

Two-Tone Harmony

Combine two complementary colours of lacquered glass to make a kitchen design that feels harmonious and balanced. For example, use deep blue for the lower cabinets and light grey for the upper cabinets. This pairing creates a calm feeling similar to how it looks by Hooghly River when evening comes. This two-colour style gives a nice visual look and helps show different working parts in the kitchen.

White and yellow parallel kitchen in U shape

Frosted Glass Elegance

For softer, more spread-out look, you can think about using frosted lacquered glass cabinets. This design choice gives a gentle and dreamy feeling to the kitchen, much like Kolkata's foggy winter mornings. Frosted glass gives useful advantages, hiding what is inside cabinets but still letting light pass through. This makes the area feel bright and open.

The right colour combination with perfect lighting 
Frosted Glass Elegance Modular Kitchen

Art Deco Inspiration

Take ideas from Kolkata’s rich Art Deco building history by adding geometric designs to cabinets with lacquered glass. Using strong lines, even shapes, and different colours can make eye-catching cabinet fronts that honour the old colonial buildings of the city. This design choice adds a touch of vintage glamour to modern kitchens.

Art Deco Inspiration modular kitchen
Art Deco Inspiration modular kitchen

Reflective Brilliance

Enhance the brightness of Kolkata kitchens by opting for lacquered glass cabinets that reflect a significant amount of natural light. This design idea is very useful for older homes in the city, where kitchen areas might be smaller or have few windows. The shiny surface of the cabinets reflects light all over the room, making it look brighter and more spacious.

Beautiful modular kitchen pic

Bengali Script Accents

To celebrate Kolkata's rich literary history, you can use Bengali script in the designs of lacquered glass cabinets. You might etch famous quotes from well-known writers like Rabindranath Tagore or other loved Bengali authors onto some cabinet panels. This would make a special and meaningful centerpiece for your kitchen that connects with culture and heritage deeply. This design element serves as both decoration and a conversation starter.

Pastel Perfection

The soft, pastel-coloured lacquered glass cabinets bring a fresh and modern look to the kitchen. Light pinks, blues, and yellows make a calm feeling that is good for busy homes in Kolkata. These light colours also help make the space look bigger, which is very good for small kitchens in city apartment buildings.

pastel-coloured lacquered glass cabinets
Contemporary modular kitchen space

Ombre Effect

Make strong visual impression with ombre-effect lacquered glass cabinets. Colours slowly changing from one shade to another, this design looks like the pretty colour blends found in Bengali silk sarees. The ombre effect gives more depth and movement to the kitchen, making it look like a real piece of art.

U shaped stylish modular kitchen design

Smart Glass Integration

Embrace modern technology with clever lacquered glass cabinets. These new designs have touch-sensitive panels that show recipes, manage kitchen gadgets, or even change how see-through they are for privacy. This modern way of kitchen design is ideal for tech-loving Kolkata homeowners who desire to mix practicality with elegance.

Tall kitchen pull out cabinets


As Kolkata keeps changing, mixing its deep cultural history with new modern ideas, the kitchens in the city are also transforming. Shiny lacquered glass kitchen cabinets provide a flexible and trendy option for people who want to make their cooking area both useful and beautiful. From bright colours that honour Bengali culture to stylish, simple designs that make the most of space, these 13 ideas offer inspiration for all kinds of tastes and likes.

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