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The 15 Beautiful Modular Kitchen Colour Combinations for Your Kolkata Home

Discover 15 beautiful modular kitchen colour combination in homes in Kolkata. This style reference unravels compilations of both the modern Bengali zest and the conventional elegance, taking cues from the best of both worlds for your modular kitchen in Kolkata. Ranging from the majestic blue and ivory colour combinations to the rustic terracotta and olive green, these colours meet the cultural and climatic requirements of Kolkata. Read some useful suggestions on bringing local features and preparing a kitchen with the help of an interior design company in Kolkata that will be ergonomic and filled with the spirit of Bengal.

  • 06 Jul, 2024
The 15 Beautiful Modular Kitchen Colour Combinations for Your Kolkata Home

Kolkata is the cultural capital of India and as such, the city is full of colours and has a rich history. The homes that people live in also change with time, and today there is a tendency towards having modern modular kitchens and modular bathroom in Kolkata by hiring professional interior decorators in Kolkata. This blog shows 15 beautiful colour combinations that are inspired by Bengali style and are ideal for interior design with the assistance of flat interior designer in Kolkata.

Modular Kitchen Colour Combinations for Your Kolkata Home
Modular Kitchen Colour Combinations for Your Kolkata Home
Modular Kitchen Colour Combinations for Your Kolkata Home

The Modular Kitchen Colour Combination to Know 

1. Royal Blue and Ivory

Taking inspiration from the British colonial influence still seen in parts of Kolkata, using colour combination modular kitchen always gives a very royal touch. Dark royal blue coloured cabinets with ivory-coloured countertops make the kitchen pop with contrast. The brass hardware and the grey modular kitchen colour combination gives it an air of sophistication like the old Bengali house.

Royal Blue and Ivory- Modular kitchen
Royal Blue and Ivory- Modular kitchen best colour combination
Royal Blue and Ivory- Modular kitchen

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2. Mustard Yellow and Charcoal Grey

Lower cabinets in mustard yellow, referencing the iconic Kolkata taxis, and charcoal grey upper units is the best modular kitchen colour combination. Together, these two are ideal for anyone who wants to introduce more liveliness into their kitchen without jeopardizing the lines.

Mustard Yellow and Charcoal Grey modular kitchen design
modular kitchen design colour combination - Mustard Yellow and Charcoal Grey

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3. Terracotta and Olive Green

This best colour combination for modular kitchen complements the warm tones of Bengali terracotta art and would add an inviting feel to any kitchen. Low base cabinets have a terracotta hue while the wall units have an olive-green hue which gives a natural feel to the kitchen. It is the latest modular kitchen colour combination.

kitchen modular colour combination
Traditional olive green modular kitchen

4. Classic White and Midnight Blue

For those who like modular kitchen cabinets colour combination, white cabinets with midnight blue are perhaps one of the best shots at innovation within the classic mould. These modular kitchen cabinet colour combinations are inspired by the trademark blue and white coloured trams of Kolkata, thus adding a touch of the city’s history to the home.

Classic White and Midnight Blue modular kitchen

5. Emerald Green and Wood

Decorated on the theme of greenery of Kolkata, emerald green cupboards combined with natural wood motifs look extremely elegant and is the best modular kitchen colour combination. This kitchen modular colour combination is particularly effective in large kitchens that receive ample amounts of natural light.

Emerald Green and Wood modular kitchen

6. Teal and Light Wood

The kitchen is serene like the waters of the Hooghly River and teal-coloured cabinets with light wooden highlights create a soothing atmosphere. This modular kitchen 2 colour combination is perfect for establishing a tranquil atmosphere in the kitchen. It is a perfect small modular kitchen colour combination.

Teal and Light Wood modular kitchen
Teal and Light Wood

7. Burnt Orange and White

The evolution of Bengali hospitality is well reflected in burnt orange lower units painted with white on upper parts of units therefore making the environment lively. This modular kitchen best colour combination is ideal for those who are into hosting and would desire for the kitchen to be the focal point of the house. It is also crucial to consult with the modular kitchen colour combination images. You can get insights about the modular kitchen design colour combination from professional interior designers. 

Burnt Orange and White modular kitchen
Burnt Orange and White modular kitchen

8. Sage Green and Grey

An ode to the tea gardens of West Bengal, sage green coloured cabinetry accompanied by grey counter tops brings in a gentle natural feel to the kitchen. This modular kitchen light colour combination is effective for both small and huge kitchen spaces and offers an open and serene atmosphere.

best colour combination modular kitchen
trending modular kitchen interior design ideas
trending modular kitchen interior

9. Charcoal Grey and Copper

If you are interested in obtaining a contemporary modular kitchen mica colour combination, charcoal grey cabinet is a perfect choice with copper handles. The modular kitchen grey and white combination brings a modern touch in Kolkata kitchens without compromising the comfort and warmth that the space represents. Make your kitchen stand out with this grey colour combination for modular kitchen. 

Charcoal Grey and Copper modular kitchen

10. Mint Green and White

Similar to the taste of Bengali mishti pan, mint green colour of lower cabinets with white colour of the upper units offers a fresh look and is the best colour combination modular kitchen. The modular kitchen sunmica colour combination is ideal for when the kitchen space is modest because it contributes to the creation of the perception of space. It is also suitable for the L shape modular kitchen colour combination.

Mint Green and White modular kitchen

11. Purple and Its Shades

Drawing on the textures and colours of Bengali silk saree, deep purple cabinet with dark-coloured countertops and backsplashes are an indication of opulence. Therefore, gold or brass hardware perfectly fits this regal colour palette along with the kitchen trolly colour combination.

modular kitchen light colour combination
lacquered glass kitchen cabinets
small modular kitchen colour combination

12. Blush Pink and Grey

For a delicate and, at the same time, tasteful theme, matt finished blush pink lower cabinetry and grey upper cabinets in this kitchen recall the colour of the famous local sweet, rasgullas. It is also the best modular kitchen colour combination. The grey and white combination modular kitchen is ideal for women who desire to make the atmosphere of their kitchen more delicate and, at the same time, refined.

Modular kitchen

13. Red and White

This colour combination of modular kitchen features the colours of Durga Puja that are reflected in the shade of red colour of the cabinets with bursts of white giving the kitchen a festive feel. This is especially true if you want your kitchen to stand out and have an extra edge while at the same time enjoying functionality. It is the best colour combination for modular kitchen. But you should know about modular kitchen colour combination for kitchen laminates for making your cooking area stand out. 

Red and White modular kitchen
Red and White modular kitchen
Red and White modular kitchen
Red and White modular kitchen
Red and White modular kitchen

14. Burgundy and White

To be reminiscent of the red borders of Bengali sarees, the lower cabinets are in burgundy while white of the upper units add a warm feeling. This colour combination for modular kitchen cabinets is particularly suitable for those customers who want to add some dose of Bengali feel to their kitchen. You must also learn about the colour combination of laminates for modular kitchen and kitchen modular colour combination.

Modular kitchen
Modular kitchen

16. Cream and White

Drawing the parallel of monsoon sky and Indian modular kitchen colour combination, the designers have put up the grey cabinet shade with severe cream tint to maintain equilibrium of both light and warmth. This colour combination in modular kitchen is more suitable for kitchens that have ample lighting from windows or other sources of natural light.

Modular kitchen
Cream and White Modular kitchen
Cream and White Modular kitchen
Cream and White Modular kitchen
Cream and White Modular kitchen

Final Words 

Modular kitchens have been well accepted by homes in Kolkata as they consider it as a chance to combine practicality and style. Thus, by selecting the modular kitchen colour schemes based on the cultural repertoire of the city, people can design comfortable and at the same time culturally grounded interiors. From striking contrasts to soft natural tones, the modular kitchen colour combination provides a starting point for creating unique and beautiful kitchens, for an ideal residence in Kolkata.

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