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Discover The Truth: Modular Kitchen Vs Normal Kitchen From Kolkata's Top Interior Designer

What to choose between a modular and a normal kitchen? You might have already got plenty of opinions from your family members and friends. However, when it comes to designing a beautiful kitchen, you must pay attention to its benefits and drawbacks. In case you are struggling to make the final decision, read this blog and find the correct answer!

  • 11 Nov, 2023
Modular Kitchen Vs Normal Kitchen Insights From Interior Designer - blog poster

Have you ever stood in your neighbor's kitchen, admiring the sleek, organized elegance of their new modular arrangement, and wondered if it's the correct choice for you? 🙄

With the growing popularity of modular kitchen in Kolkata, every homeowner faces the modular vs. normal kitchen debate.

Don't get me wrong: we also value the skills and creativity of our hardworking carpenters. After all, they have done so many admirable works in Kolkata for decades. But, trusting them with the design of your home is like asking a painter to compose a symphony. Although they excel in their field, designing is a different type of skill set. With the change in our lifestyle, the Indian kitchen has gone through a massive revolution in the past few years.

This is why modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata are gaining more trust and popularity for designing a durable and stylish kitchen. To make your task easier, we are presenting an informative guide on modular kitchen vs normal kitchen.

Scroll down below 👇 and find out why investing in the right kitchen design can transform your entire cooking experience. 

Best Modular Kitchen

What Is A Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen is nothing but a modernized version of our traditional Indian kitchens.  You've got cabinets, drawers, and other pieces that are designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen. The coolest part of this kitchen is if you want to change something you can easily change it whenever you wish. 😍 This kitchen style became very popular in India in the early 2000s, transforming the way we cook and organize our kitchens. It's like a kitchen makeover, making things more efficient and looking really neat.

As India began to connect with the rest of the world in the 1990s and 2000s, we were exposed to new ways of setting up kitchens. By 2018-19, a whopping 25-30% of kitchens in India were going modular!

As you see, modular kitchens aren't just practical, they're a big part of how we design our homes today! They make cooking and organizing your kitchen a breeze while also making you look great! With such a demand in the Indian market, don’t you think that modular kitchens are worth investing in? 😊

If you are in search of a low cost modular kitchen price in Kolkata, then get in touch with us.

Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen

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So, let's take a look at some pros and cons of modular kitchens –

Pros of Modular Kitchen

  • Modular kitchen designs maximize the use of every inch, making even small kitchens extremely useful.
  • Go for a modular one as their sleek design and smooth surfaces make cleaning a breeze.
  • You can quickly add or replace components in the design of your kitchen to meet your changing needs.
  • Modular kitchens are built to last, as they are made with high-quality wood materials.
  • Modules of a modular kitchen are designed for ease of use, making the task of cooking really pleasurable.
  • You can customize your kitchen as per your needs. Suppose you have back pain and you can't reach the lower units, you can choose to have the kitchen cabinets on the upper side.
  • Working with an experienced interior designer can change the entire look of your kitchen. A stylish modular kitchen can also complement the interior of your beautiful home.

Discover More Benefits : Top Benefits of a Modular Kitchen Design [2023]

Cons Of Modular Kitchen

  • Modular kitchens can be more expensive than a normal kitchen. However, good things always come at a great price offering durability and adding beauty to your house.
  • Installing a modular kitchen may requires professional assistance, as it involves assembling pre-fabricated modules. This complexity can lead to longer installation times and potential issues if not done correctly.
  • Sometimes, what you see on paper might not match the final product exactly. Thus, it's important to communicate clearly with your designer to ensure your interior design expectations are met.

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What Are Normal Kitchen?

Designing a Normal kitchen is the oldest tradition still prevalent in small towns in India. A "normal kitchen" refers to a traditional kitchen design that is not modular or custom-built.. Unlike modular kitchens ,normal kitchens usually have a fixed layout that is designed and built on-site according to the dimensions and specifications of the space.

Image Credit - freepik

Carpenter-Made Kitchen

Pros Of Normal Kitchen

  • Creating a traditional kitchen is simple and straightforward because carpenters are readily available in local areas.
  • This type of kitchen is more cost-effective than modular ones, as the design follows a traditional method and offers less storage space.

Cons Of Normal Kitchen Interior

  • Normal kitchens may not have the same smooth finish as modular kitchens because they are built from scratch.
  • normal kitchen cabinets are fixed in place, so you can't take them with you if you shift to another place.
  • Normal kitchens may not be up to date on the current design trends, making it more difficult to achieve a good look in the designated space.
  • These kitchens don't provide space-saving solutions to store your kitchen accessories perfectly.

Choose The Right One For A Beautiful And Functional Culinary Space

Hopefully, you have understood the key differences between modular and normal kitchen and why you should choose the modular one. We suggest you consider both your lifestyle and long-term investment when deciding between a modular and a normal kitchen. With Bosky Interior, you go on a 30-day design journey that results in a kitchen that not only matches your vision but also provides peace of mind with a 15-year termite warranty. Our 3D Max designs give you a realistic preview of your dream kitchen. Each component is subjected to strict quality checks before shipment, to make sure every aspect from design to functionality is up to the mark. So, if you have decided to go with a modular kitchen, feel free to consult our experts. 📞

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