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The Top 15 Essential Vastu Tips for Homes Facing South West in Kolkata 

Explore South West Facing House Vastu tips in Kolkata's unique urban environment. This complete guide combines old knowledge with contemporary Bengali lifestyle, providing valuable tips to make a peaceful and prosperous home. With this blog, you will also learn about the role of modular kitchen in Kolkata in Vastu. This blog also sheds light on the significance of hiring the right interior design company in Kolkata for designing with Vastu Principles. 

  • 22 Jun, 2024
 South West Facing House Vastu Tips

In the lively city of Kolkata, where old customs and modern values mix perfectly, Vastu Shastra still plays a big role in how homes are built and designed. As we move into 2024, many Bengali families living in houses that face southwest try to align their homes with cosmic energies by hiring the top interior decorators in Kolkata. From modular bathroom in Kolkata to modular kitchen, every aspect of your interior décor can influence Vastu. This blog illustrates the 15 important Vastu tips made especially for homes in Kolkata facing southwest direction, to help people make a balanced and successful living space that matches the city's rich culture.

The importance of the southwest direction in Vastu Shastra is paramount. In Kolkata, where the Hooghly River runs to the west side, this makes comprehending the advantages of a south west facing house even more important. This direction connects with stability, strength, and money success – traits that each Bengali home hopes to grow. By understanding the benefits of south west facing house, you can usher positivity. Listed are the 15 essential Vastu tips for homes facing southwest in Kolkata. 

Living & Dining room

The Top 15 South West Facing House Vastu tips

Master Bedroom Position

For houses in Kolkata facing southwest, the best spot for the primary bedroom is in the southwestern corner. This location matches with the earth element, which helps bring steadiness to relationships and finances. Besides the entrance south west Vastu, for Bengali couples, this can build a strong connection and create a caring atmosphere for the family.

Master Bedroom Vastu

Kitchen Location

The kitchen, which often becomes the centre of a Bengali home where tasty maacher jhol and sweet mishti doi are made, should be located in south east direction. For a home facing south west, this position helps fire elements linked with cooking and assists in maintaining good health for family members.

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Modular kitchen as per Vastu

Main Entrance

The main entrance for your Kolkata home should ideally be towards the north or east. If this cannot happen because of how the house is built, then make sure that the entrance has good lighting and nothing blocking it. A traditional Bengali alpona design at the threshold can add an auspicious touch to your house facing south west.

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The Vastu-optimised main entrance

Living Room Arrangement

In south west facing house Vastu, it's good to have the living room in a north or east direction. This placement helps make family and guests feel more friendly and happy together. You can think about decorating the walls with Bengali art or pictures of famous places in Kolkata to give a local feel. The remedies for south west entrance can be obtained from an interior designer company in Kolkata. 

The best living room Vaastu design in Kolkata

Study Room or Home Office

For intellectuals and professionals in Kolkata who work from home, it is good to place the study room or home office in the north or east direction. This setup helps improve focus and supports career progress along with the remedies for south west facing house. 

Enhance productivity with this Vastu Compliant Home Office 

Puja Room

The puja room holds great significance in Bengali households and the south west direction Vastu. Place the pooja room in the south west corner facing east to make spiritual energies stronger. Include elements like a small bell or fresh flowers that are commonly present in Bengali puja traditions. 

A quintessential Bengali puja room 

Staircase Direction

If your home in Kolkata has many floors, you should make sure the staircase goes up clockwise. South west entrance as per Vastu helps energy to move smoothly all around the house.

The staircase position is of utmost importance

Bathroom Position

Do not place bathrooms in the north east or south west corners of your Kolkata house. It is better to choose the north west or south east directions for keeping elements balanced besides focusing on south west entrance flat Vastu.

Usher positivity with Vastu-compliant Vastu design

Colour Scheme

For homes in Kolkata that face south west, try using earthy colours like warm browns, deep reds, and oranges. These shades connect well with the earth element linked to the south west facing house Vastu plan. They can make a comfortable and traditional Bengali feel in your home.

The best colour combination

Furniture Position

Put heavy items like almirahs or bookshelves on the south and west walls of your Kolkata home based on the south west facing house plan according to Vastu. This way, it gives strong support to the building structure and allows you to comply with the south west kitchen Vastu remedies. 

Almirahs and wardrobes impact your productivity as per Vastu

Water Features

Put a small water feature or an aquarium in the north or east side of your living room to comply with Vastu for south west corner of the house. In Kolkata, where water bodies are essential to the city, this can add peace and good fortune to your home.

Water holds utmost significance in Vastu

Plants and Greenery

Put indoor plants on the east side or north side of your Kolkata home. This is based on Vastu for south west facing shop. Think about having plants like money plants because many people believe these bring good luck in Bengali culture. It is also one of the top Vastu remedies for south west entrance flat. 

Positive vibes


Be careful with mirrors in your south west facing Kolkata home as per the Vastu pyramid for south west entrance. It is good not to put big mirrors inside the bedroom or right across from the main door. Instead, use them to amplify light in darker corners of the house.

Mirrors and their influence on Vastu

Balcony or Terrace

If your flat in Kolkata has a balcony or terrace, you should keep it clean and without too much stuff. Put some flowerpots with plants and comfy chairs for Vastu solution for south west entrance.

Vastu-specific terrace design

Electronic Devices

Even old-style Bengali homes have numerous electronic devices nowadays. Put these gadgets in the south-east direction of your Kolkata home to balance technology with Vastu principles. This is the best main door entrance south west direction remedies.

Electronic Devices


Whether you reside in a modern apartment in Salt Lake or a traditional house in North Kolkata, implementing these South West Facing House Vastu tips can help attract positive energies and create a prosperous living environment. Comply with the fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra and see how your south west facing home in Kolkata transforms into a haven of peace, prosperity, and Bengali hospitality.

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