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Trending Design Ideas For Small Space: 18 Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedroom With Mirror

Looking for inspiring modern wardrobe ideas for small rooms? Look no further, Bosky Interior has handpicked the best wardrobe designs for small bedroom that you'll love! From refreshing color schemes, wooden textures, to infusing mirrors in our space-saving bedroom wardrobe designs, you can get the perfect wardrobe design small bedroom of your choice right here. Continue reading to get inspiration like never before! 😉

  • 16 Feb, 2024
Trending Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms With Mirror: Blog Poster

Classy Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedroom With Mirror Perfect For Your Small Space

Dreaming of upgrading your home interior design game with modern wardrobe designs? 💤

In the realm of interior designing, where infusing art naturally into home interiors is still a challenge when it comes to optimizing storage issues. So, if you are here looking for advice to deal with your small space in modern bedroom then we, the best interior designing company in Kolkata is here to solve your problem. 

Bosky Interior, the top lacquered glass wardrobe manufacturers in Kolkata and sliding wardrobe manufacturers in Kolkata, will show you the ways to define your needs and how to prioritize your wants even in your small spaces. 

Our out-of-the-box wardrobe designs for small bedroom Indian ideas are so tempting, that you surely can't resist! So, don't wait and unfold faster the book of magical wardrobe designs for small bedroom perfect for your modernly elevated bedroom corners. 🥰

wardrobe designs for small bedroom with mirror

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Divine And Modern Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedroom That You Must Have

1. Cream And Chocolate Colored Sliding Door Wardrobe With Mirror 

Opt for a never out of style elegant wardrobe design for small bedroom that enhances your interiors. This chocolate and cream colored glossy finish sliding doors is a great option for your master bedroom corner if you want a piece of class in your cozy corner. 

Wardrobe for small room pic

2. Two-Layed Glass Panel In Sliding Wardrobe

Want to do experiment something different for your wardrobe design in small bedroom? 🤭 Don't Worry! Look how pretty this yellow and black sliding wardrobe looks with two pieces of mirror adjusted upwards. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Take your phone and type 'the best interior designer near me' to find us and let us create magic for you. 

Stylish small size bedroom wardrobe pic

3. Shining Yellow Wardrobe With White Stripes And A Middle Mirror Panel

Stand out in the race of interior decoration with our exclusive double sliding door wardrobe design small bedroom with mirror that can elevate your bedroom decor. This enchanting yellow painted wardrobe with white stripes and a wide mirror is surely something that you'll want in your home.

A yellow colored sliding wardrobe with mirror pic

4. A Modish All Glass Sliding Wardrobe With Design Textures

Looking for a modular wardrobe that can redefine your small bedroom? 🤨 

This small space wardrobe designs for small bedroom is not just new but has a groundbreaking ability to please your guests with its modish glass appearance. 

New small bedroom wardrobe design with glass

5. Lacquered Glass Black Reflecting Sliding Wardrobe

As alluring as the color 'Black', this lacquered glass sliding wardrobe is the choice of many for reinventing their small spaces. This stylish modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom can solve all your storage issues with its gigantic double spacing innovation.

Black lacquered glass wardrobe pic

6. Wall Mounted Up And Down Wooden Mirror Wardrobe

Want a walk in closet design for small spaces only for your personal use? 

This small sized wall mounted wardrobe is the one that you have been searching for so long! 😇 This chic small wardrobe can solve your space constraints of where to keep the clothes along with making the room look trendy. 

corner wardrobe ideas for small bedroom pic

7. Wooden Wardrobe Design With Hidden Mirror Drawer

If you want to give your dream home a refreshing touch of the woods, then what can be better than wall wardrobe designs for small bedroom? 

The best part is you can create your hidden small dressing room design with mirror attached inside this open and closed drawer wardrobe. 

Wooden wardrobe with mirror pic

8. Loft And Store Drawers In Wall Wardrobe 

This everlasting classic cupboard design for small bedroom is for the ones who want to give their home a traditional touch. You can keep your wardrobe organized with the many in-built drawers attached to this bedroom cupboard design almirah. 

White and brown design wardrobe with doors

9. Frosted Glass Mirror Small Almirah Design For Bedroom

A frosted glass that stands still in your stylish bedroom corner creates a modern and contemporary wardrobe design. Add a little bit of privacy with the frosted glass while the mirror enhances your room's brightness. 

10. Full-Length Mirror Wooden Panel Wardrobe

Do you want to eliminate the hassle of adding a dressing table in your small bedroom? Well, then nothing can beat this full-length mirror wardrobe for its space-saving solution.

modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom

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11. Quintessential Walk In Bedroom Wardrobe Ideas For Small Room

If you are looking for closets ideas for small rooms then this wardrobe with an integrated vanity provides a spacing solution dedicated to your easy grooming and dressing.

The mirrored modern cupboard design adds functionality while uplifting your bedroom decor. 

Beautiful wardrobe designs for small bedroom pic

12. Raw Wooden Mirrored Wardrobe With Inbuilt Bookshelves

As all the modern problems require modern solutions, this modern small bedroom cupboard designs with inbuilt bookshelves and a mirror can help you keep your room free from cluttered furniture pieces. 

Thus, providing a lot of space with revolutionary wardrobe designs for small bedroom with lighting solutions to help you find your books at night.📗😉

Wardrobe with mirror and book shelves pic

13. Simple Mirror Wardrobe With Built-In Lightning

Integrated lighting solutions can help you easily find your items in the darkness, illuminating your wardrobe visuality with its sheer elegance.💡Thus, our extraordinarily designed mirror-doored wardrobe with in-built light enhances a sense of bedroom spacing. 

14. Deep Brown Wardrobe With Sliding Glass Exterior

When you are talking about modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom, our expert team already has the best to showcase you for your beautiful home. Look, how functional yet aesthetic this deep brown-colored wardrobe looks with a sliding glass frame. 

You can keep your pretty home decorative items inside this open and closed glass wardrobe to organise your small space. 

Deep brown wardrobe for cozy bedroom pic

15. Fushia Pink Sliding Mirror Wardrobe With Adjacent Study Table

Want to give your small bedroom a splash of colors? 🎨🖌️

This fushia pink sliding wardrobe with a middle-sized mirror is the perfect option for your home. This wardrobe even has an inbuilt study table in it so that you can do your job in peace. 

Fushia pink sliding wardrobe in a small bedroom

16. Wardrobe With Bi-Fold Doors And Side Mirror

If keeping your clothes organized is not just your criteria or if you are looking for a wardrobe that can hold more than just your garments. Then, this bi-folded door wardrobe with a side mirror should be your top choice. 

Thinking, why? 🤭

So that, you can keep your important documents, files, and extra items safe and organized to free your bedroom with that extra space.

Enchanting Bi-door wardrobe design picture

17. Pristine White Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe 

If you are searching for the best wardrobe designs for small bedroom that not only looks elegant but also make your cozy little corner serene then look at this beautiful white-colored sliding wardrobe. 

Thus, make your bedroom your favorite place to relax and chill in peace with this never-out-of-style wardrobe design with a beautiful mirror glaze.

Pearly white sliding mirrored wardrobe design ideas

18. Full Wall Lavender Wardrobe With Open Shelving

Do you know combining open shelving with mirrored doors can give your room an airy and fresh look?

While, you can use the wardrobe shelves for decorative items, the use of mirrors creates a visual appeal that expands your room size. Apart from that, the lavender and cream color combination gives your bedroom a sweet touch of Barbieland. 

So, when are you customizing your chosen mirror design with extra shelves? 😎

Full sized wardrobe with mirror and shelving options pic

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Transform your bedroom with the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with our trending wardrobe designs for small bedroom. These wardrobe designs with maximized storage capacity and artistical reflective surfaces can create an appealing look that you can find nowhere. 

Bosky Interior provides customizing wardrobe options for your personal needs, choices, and wants that can make your entire room look bigger and better. You can also check out our website for more interior design ideas. 

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