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The Surprising Ways Your Interior Design Influences Your Mood And Mental Health

Your home's design is more than just an aesthetic choice; it also has an impact on your mental health. Good design promotes relaxation and healing, making you feel well. But a messy design can make things stressful. Learn how your home speaks to your feelings and affects your happiness. It's like a secret language of well-being!

  • 16 Dec, 2023
Learn How Interior Design Affects Mental Health - blog poster

 Have you ever thought about how the colors and decorations around you can affect your mood? It turns out, that the interior design you pick for your home or workplace can do more than just look nice—they can make you feel different too!

Yeah! That’s true.

Researchers noticed something remarkable in a recent hospital study. Patients in rooms with more daylight and views of nature reported much lower levels of stress and anxiety.

It seems that the simple act of bringing natural elements into healthcare environments can be a powerful stress-buster.

Another excellent study discovered something interesting when it examined the world of workspaces. Workers expressed more pleasure and productivity when they worked in perfectly designed workplaces.

Being one of the best interior designers in Kolkata, we are honored to design such wonderful places at less cost. In our opinion, it’s important to appreciate the significant impact your surroundings may have on your well-being and to design with purpose rather than just making spaces appear beautiful.

Get ready as we are going to discuss how interior design affects mental health in today’s insightful blog!

How Interior Design Affects Your Mood & Well Being

Can Interior Design Really Reduce Stress Levels?

Well, it turns out that hiring the best interior decorators in Kolkata is a smart decision for your home as well as your overall health!

If you ever stepped inside a space painted in calming hues like greens and blues, you might have experienced a refreshing and relaxing vibe.  These soothing colors can in fact lower your blood pressure.

Bringing some natural elements into your home, such as flowers or plants, can also have a calming effect and offer you a sense of inner peace.

And hey, who knew that a tidy space could act like a great stress-buster similar to your favorite music playlist?

Don't underestimate the power of that comfy furniture too! A cozy chair or a well-designed workspace can work wonders in helping you relax during those stressful moments or after a heated argument.

How Interior Design Affects Your Mood & Well Being

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How Color Can Paint Your Way to Happiness?

Colors hold the magical brush to paint our emotions, and it turns out they can be the key to happiness in our homes.

One of our professional interior designer in Newtown Kolkata suggested our clients choose colors that can uplift the mood. They trusted us and their home interior truly turned out to be incredible with the use of soothing colors.

According to color psychology, light or pale colors like blush pink and light blue can offer you a relaxing vibe.

On the other hand, red, yellow, and oranges when implemented in a room color design, release an energetic vibe. While turquoise, teal, or pistachio is the ideal color choice for a home in warm climates.

So, the next time you pick a color for your walls, remember you're not just choosing paint – you're choosing the vibe of your happiness!

How Interior Design Affects Your Mood & Well Being

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How Your Home’s Art Collection Can Change Your Day?

Are you a great fan of artistic pieces?

If yes, this might interest you a lot! According to studies, the presence of art can significantly improve your mood and lead to positive mental health.

It doesn’t matter whether you decorate your home with an original masterpiece or a wallet-friendly painting, art has the incredible power to evoke emotions and set the tone for your space.

You can use pottery, ceramics, decorative pieces, glassware, and feng shui items to bring a positive vibe to your surrounding atmosphere. It can uplift your mood and reduce anxiety.

As babies, we start connecting with colors, shapes, and artistic stuff. Our brains seem to have a built-in antenna for creative beauty!

Humans appreciate cool and beautiful things no matter where we are or what time of year it is, we easily link emotions to patterns and art. It’s like a peaceful therapy for your mental wellness!

How Interior Design Affects Your Mood & Well Being

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Why Every Design Decision Matters for Mental Health?

Your mental health is super important, especially with all the challenges of modern life. Stressful jobs not having enough "me time", and family problems can all contribute to various mental health issues.

Do you know that people living in cities spend 90% of their time indoors?

You spend around 8-9 hours in office space and the remaining hours sleeping and eating inside your home.

However, your home isn't just a place to sleep – it's where you spend a big part of your day. So, making sure it feels good inside is a big deal.

When you decorate your home with things that make you happy, it's like giving your mind a little relief from all the complexities of life.

The same applies in the case of commercial places too. Even small changes, like colors, indoor plants, vibrant decor, and how things are set up, can make a big difference

So, how you arrange your home matters for how you feel inside. It's like making your own personal happy zone indoors!

How Interior Design Affects Your Mood & Well Being

Simple Interior Tips For A Healthy Mind & Beautiful Space


Colors have strong psychological effects on the mind and can impact your overall well-being too. Choose calming colors like soft blues or greens to create a peaceful atmosphere. These hues can help relax your mind and make your space feel inviting.

Clutter-Free Space

Cluttered spaces can contribute to poor mental health and depression. So, clear out unnecessary items to create a clutter-free environment. A tidy space promotes a clear mind, reducing stress and allowing positive energy to flow.


Imagine starting your day with a cup of coffee in a room filled with sunlight - it's more than just a pretty sight; it's also good for your mood!

Sunlight can cause your brain to release serotonin, a happy hormone that helps you feel calm and focused. So, when you're planning your room design, remember to let the sunlight in for a cheerful and mentally uplifting space!

Natural Elements

Bring in plants or natural materials for a touch of nature indoors. These elements not only add beauty but also promote a sense of calm and connection to the outdoors.

Keep Everything In Balance

Maintain a balanced design with well-proportioned furniture and decorations. A harmonious arrangement creates a sense of order, contributing to a visually pleasing and mentally soothing space.

Get In Touch To Improve Your Well Being With Smart Interior Choices!

Improving your well-being is a personal journey, and what makes one person happy might be different for another. Yet, it's hard to deny that a home designed to uplift your mental health can have a big impact on your daily life.

At Bosky Interior, we aim to create spaces that bring joy and happiness to your home life. If you're curious about how we can help you, get in touch and visit our homepage for some inspiring ideas!

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