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Get to Know a Few Interior Design Ideas for 2 BHK Flats in Kolkata

Explore unique interior design concepts for Kolkata's two-bedroom apartments. Find out about inexpensive home improvement ideas, contemporary décor trends, and space-saving solutions. Ideal for homeowners who want to add flair and practicality to their living room.

  • 14 Jun, 2024
Budget-friendly Interior Design Ideas For 2 BHK Flats in Kolkata: Blog Poster

Budgeting for home decoration in Kolkata may be challenging, especially when decorating a 2 BHK flat. Nevertheless, if you hire the services of a flat interior designer in Kolkata, you may get the exact thing that can turn any space into a creative marvel. The trick used by the reputed interior design company in Kolkata is attention to all details, maximizing the small surface area, and incorporating the elements. Read on and find some of the best budget-friendly interior designs for 2 BHK flats by interior decorators in Kolkata.

flat interior designer in Kolkata

Optimize Space With Smart Furniture Arrangement

Furniture placement is an important activity which must be done carefully while living in small flats. Especially for small spaces like the kitchen, relying on the idea of professionals in the field of modular kitchen in Kolkata will be the best. Professionals use a few common structures: floating shelves where you can place small items, stackable storage boxes for other little items, and multi-functional cabinets. Most people should consider purchasing fewer pieces of furniture, but those that are more multifunctional such as sofa cum beds, storage beds, foldable dining tables and nesting coffee tables, among others as they help in saving money and perform the function of several other pieces of furniture. Be it for the living room, kitchen or bathroom, a professional interior designer with the ballistic capability to design a modular bathroom in Kolkata will be able to serve a great purpose. 

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Modular Kitchen Design in Kolkata

Soft Furnishings

Are you looking for interior design Ideas for 2 BHK flats in Kolkata? Why not consider playing with the upholstery? Window treatments, upholstery fabrics, floor coverings, and furniture accessories add soul to every living space. Purchase the best quality ready-made curtains readily available in the market and then have them altered to hug the windows gracefully. 

Local availabilities such as handloom cotton, jute, silk, or burlap are ideal curtain substitutes at a considerably lower price than the branded varieties. Use layering with printed cotton for cushion covers and woollen for throws to create that warm and comfortable look. For covering cold floors, opt for thin rugs that can be easily rolled and replaced, if need be, without limiting space. 

Living room Interior design

Personalize With Art And Wall Décor

If you are wondering about interior design ideas for 2 BHK flats in Kolkata, you can give the impression of space in a room. Put small photo frames on the top of the furniture so those items look well arranged. Design a wall with pictures and other forms of artwork that depict the culture of the city of Kolkata. 

Staple and plain walls can also be made attractive through watercolour prints and metal wall hangings at a low cost. Do not place too many items on the wall since this will make the wall look as if it’s overwhelmed with too many items.

Study room for kids

Multifunctional Storage For Clutter-Free Living

The organisation is essential so that does not exist things in sight everywhere. Add floor-to-ceiling shelves, hanging rods, bath closets, and under bed storage compartment. Furniture with multiple functional aspects, like a storage ottoman or a bench with hidden compartments, is handy in such a layout. Storing the containers under bed couches leaves the floor open as they slide in smoothly, making it easier to manoeuvre. If you are looking for the right interior design ideas for 2 BHK flats in Kolkata, then considering enhancing the storage will be a wise idea. 

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Wardrobe interior Design in Kolkata

Focus On Textures For Visual Interest

Add textures for the aesthetic appeal with different textured rugs, cushions, and throws made from natural materials such as cotton, wool, or jute. These are some tactile elements in your chosen color scheme that give lots of depth to your décor.

Living Room interior Design in Kolkata

Kitchen Essentials

This is perhaps the most common statement anyone redesigning or renovating can come across: the kitchen is the heart of any home. This kind of shelving must be closed to conceal your items and other things that might be scattered on it. They should incorporate pull-out drawers, slide-out racks and overhead hanging racks for easy access to items. 

Drawer internal organisers are brilliant at efficiently managing cutleries and containers. These stainless-steel utensils are dual or multi-functional, eliminating the need to buy and store a lot of equipment. Bring in plants with potted herbs, making the place look more natural and promoting extra ventilation. Provide bright colours to walls by adding ceramic tiles.

Illuminating kitchen cabinet pantry unit
Corner kitchen pantry pull-out design

DIY Storage Solutions

Combat the clutter by creating your storage solutions that work in the available space. Think vertical shelving, under-bed storage bins, or even repurposed crates for a stylish way of staying organized and upping visual appeal.

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DIY Storage Solutions
Floor to ceiling kitchen pantry unit design

Eco-Friendly Materials

Ensuring you incorporate environmentally friendly products and sustain them is a good plan for the long run regarding spending. Locally produced items consisting of handicrafts such as the dhokra metal art, kantha quilted bedding, jute baskets, and bamboo fixtures are free from VOC production, resulting in a non-toxic environment inside the building. Laid-back and eco-friendly, existing objects such as turn drums into side tables or packing crates as shelves cut waste and give the farmhouse vibe. Using LED indeed saves much of your bills. You must know that if you are looking for interior design ideas for 2 BHK flats in Kolkata, then playing with lights will solve many of your problems. 

Wardrobe Interior Design
Flat Interior Design In Kolkata

Clever Lighting

Lighting truly could evolve to be many of the fascinating interior design ideas. Lighting is the difference maker in welcoming living spaces in a home. Ensure that as many windows are not blocked as possible to allow sufficient natural light. Bare, shiny, white walls combined with mirrors increase light reflection. Accent lighting provides focused and general lighting to provide warmth on soft furnishings in specific areas of the house. People should place plug-in swivel sconces above the bed and over dining and workstations, hanging pendant lamps with dimmers above the bed. 

Illuminating false ceiling for bedroom
Using Gympsum and POP ceiling materials for bedroom
Pop false ceiling design

Let Natural Light Enhance Your Décor

Make the best use of your natural light to enhance your design further. Light curtains and blinds that allow natural light to brighten up rooms. Sunlight doesn't only make people happy but also brightens and emphasizes the textures and colors in your living areas.

Bedroom Interior Design
Industrial parallel kitchen layout
Luxe kitchen island in modular pic

Embrace Soothing Paint Colours for a Spacious Feel

Painting is among the most accessible and cost-effective strategies to renew a flat’s appearance quickly. Soft colours such as the delightful blue, sage green or even the light grey anil can make a room look larger than it is. Dark, dramatic shades commonly used in home designs give small spaces an even tighter feel. 

Avoid using glossy paints for your walls; they will reflect the cracks instead of concealing them. Alternatively, they should judiciously employ the technique of accent walls to divide the spaces of a home without crowding. While white or beige is considered a neutral colour, it is used to paint the base coat, allowing for changing decoration options. Make sure to involve your landlord before changing the colour front.

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Transformative kitchen in modular design

Greenery for a Fresh and Vibrant Home

Get living plants indoors like succulents or ferns to infuse life into your space. Other than this, it also purifies the air and takes one giant step forward in bringing nature closer to an urban home.

Living Room Interior design in Kolkata

Add Mirrors For Depth And Reflection

Add in Mirrors for Depth and Reflection. Add mirrors in positions opposite of a window or lighting source to allow more light to come into that space. It gives you a perception of more depth through the reflection. A statement mirror or groupings of several smaller mirrors can reflect light into rooms to enhance the sense of space further.

Wardrobe Interior Design
Mirror in right place of a home


Ideally, the best way to design a 2 BHK flat that looks super chic yet affordable is to shop cleverly and use clever ideas to make the best out of your limited space. Concentrate on buying durable furniture of good quality, good décor, and interchangeable items. Invest in curtains, carpets, rugs, cushions and other accessories that afford warmth and character to your bedroom. Start with simple DIY projects such as installing shelves on the wall or giving new life to a piece of furniture. You can find the best interior design ideas for 2 BHK flats in Kolkata, and then you can play with your imagination. 

Living Room Interior Design in Kolkata
Wardrobe Interior Design

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