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Abode For Prosperity And Harmony: West Facing House Vastu Tips For Kolkata's Homes [2024]

Houses that are facing the West side are often connected with the flow of energy and creativity. However, as per Vastu, some even consider it to be an unlucky zone for homes. As the top interior design company in Kolkata, we often design modern homes with west facing house vastu tips. So that, you can turn all the negativities into positivities. Read this blog to find out remedies for Vastu shastra for west facing house. 

  • 05 Jun, 2024
West Facing House Vastu Tips For Kolkata's Homes: Blog Poster

Is a west-facing house unlucky? 😨 Is my modular kitchen in Kolkata facing the wrong direction? 

If these are your questions then please know that no matter which direction your home is facing. There are some principles of house as per Vastu that you should follow to align peace with prosperity in your home. 

However, according to Vastu Shastra, West-facing homes come behind North or East-facing house plans. But, yet it cannot be considered unlucky or inauspicious. 

So, from modular bathroom in Kolkata to a peaceful pooja room, we will share the top West facing house vastu tips for your entire home. Read on! 👇

Living room Interior design

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Vastu Shastra For West Facing Home: What Are The Advantages?

While, the rest think that west facing house Vastu plans are not good. Being the top interior decorators in Kolkata, we will decode some advantages of west-facing house Vastu for you. Here it is -

  • You can receive sunlight which is an integral part of Vastu Shastra for longer hours. If you have a home in this direction. 
  • If you are into business, politics, or teaching professions. Then, a west-facing side of the house is favorable for you.
  • Vastu experts say that a west-facing home is also beneficial for youngsters in their careers.
  • The west side part of the house is connected with wealth and prosperity

West Facing House Vastu Tips For The Entire Home: What Do You Need To Follow?

To harness the positivity of a west-facing house plan, you need to align your home's layout with the Vastu guidelines. 

1. The Right Placement Of The Main Entrance Or Pada

Vastu correction for west facing house suggests that you must build your main entrance in the East and North or Northeast of your home. So, for the Vastu tips for west facing main door, try to place your main door in the given position for positive energy flow. 

Main entrance of a home

2. The Vastu Compliant Position Of Living Room In West-Facing Homes

The ideal position of a living room in a west facing corner of the house is usually North, Northeast, East, and Northwest. 

However, worry not! If you do not have your living room built into those sides. Then, as Vastu remedies for west facing house, you can keep all the furniture in the home vastu's west wall. 

Living Room Interior Design

3. Perfect Vastu For West Facing House Master Bedroom

If you are the owner of the house, then your master bedroom should face the Southwest side of the entire Vastu design. This can help you to maintain a peaceful relationship with your spouse, children, and other family members. 

Bedroom Interior Design

4. West Facing House Vastu Plan For Kid's Bedroom

Your kids are the life and soul of your home, isn't it? 💓💓

That is why, the resting area must completely align with as per vastu in your west-facing house. So, try to adjust your child's bedroom in the Northwest direction of your home. 

This side of the west-facing house promotes career, creativity, learning, and better communication for your kids. 

Kids bedroom for west facing house vastu tips

5. Vastu Tips For West Facing Home And Kids Study Room

Just like the kid's bedroom, the northwest direction is yet another good place for children to study and learn new things. The north west direction promotes enhanced concentration for your kids to learn new things. 📖

You can also opt for soothing colors and bright lights to decorate the north west direction of this room. 

Study room for kids

6. Ideal Position Of Guests Bedroom In West Facing Entrance Flat Vastu

As you already know guests are considered as the God in our Hindu culture. That is why, focusing on the guest bedroom is equally important to make your home vastu compliant. 

You can make the guest bedroom in the south and west, or northwest direction of your home. 

Guest bedroom pic

7. Top Kitchen Vastu For West Facing House

A kitchen is that corner of a place where your heart belongs and you make delicious delicacies.🍳🍽️  So, this part of your west-facing home should be ideal, right? 

Thus, according to Vastu rules, opt to build your kitchen in north west direction Vastu to ensure good health associated with the foods that you make. 

White modular layout for kitchen in U

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8. The Right Bathroom Position In West-Facing House Vastu

Do you want to know the perfect Vastu for toilet in west facing house? 🤔

Well, there is nothing better than positioning in the southwest or northwest part of your home as this is the best Vastu for a bathroom. But, you must avoid the northeast direction for a bathroom area at any cost as this area is associated with the Sun. 

Thus, it can bring financial problems in your life. 

Big bathroom in west facing home

9. Best Pooja Room Direction For West Facing Home As Per Vastu Shastra

The most auspicious part of your home, if placed in an ideal location in your home can bring you good fortunes. Thus, always place your puja room on the northeast side of your house. Which is also known as the 'Ishaan-Kone'. 

Puja room in a home

10. Position Of Staircase In West Facing House Vastu Tips

If you are looking for Vastu tips for west facing flat, then the position of your staircase is not the concern. However, if you have a west-facing home then position your stairs in the south or north area. 

Always try to avoid the northeast direction for your staircase, as putting heavy weight on this part of the house is considered bad. 

11. The Best Color Combination For A West-Facing House Vastu Plan

Though, the color scheme for every home depends on the Vastu and birth chart of the house owner. But, you can try combining earthly colors like yellow and orange for walls that face the west side. 

However, if you are not confident about the right color options. Then, you can opt to paint your entire home in beige color for positivity. 

Wardrobe Interior Design

12. Placing Plants In The Right Position Of Your West Facing Home

You can place indoor plants in the north or east position of your entire house. Indoor plants like jade, peace lily, and bamboo plants are said to bring freshness and life to your home.🌿 Which can make it a perfect zone for habitats. 

Living Room Interior design in Kolkata

13. Use Of Mirrors In A West Facing House As Per Vastu 

You can place a mirror in any part of the home that is west-facing. Except for the opposite of your main door entrance as this can reflect all the positivity out. 

Mirror in right place of a home

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By understanding the west facing house vastu tips, you can eliminate negativity in your home and make it a better place to stay in. 

You can also visit our website of Bosky Interiors to get more insights on your interior home decoration. 

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