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Get Pro Tips For A Sparkling And Spotless Modular Kitchen

Say goodbye to mess and hello to wonderful cooking time! Our blog is loaded with easy tips to keep your modular kitchen shining. Discover simple tips for a cleaner, more organized kitchen that makes cooking more enjoyable. Don't miss out – your sparkling kitchen awaits!

  • 18 Dec, 2023
Get Pro Tips For A Sparkling And Spotless Modular Kitchen - blog poster

Do you want to keep your modular kitchen sparkling in every season?

So, no more wondering! We've got the secret tips shared by leading modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata on how to make your kitchen shine in every season.

You might have just installed a modular kitchen in your new home or already have one from many years, whatever may be the situation, it must be maintained properly.

As time progresses your kitchen starts losing its elegant shine which may affect your mood and cooking too.

With some right measures and a little effort, you can make a big difference. So, get ready friends!

We are going to share some simple and quick Modular Kitchen Maintenance tips that keep your kitchen sparking season by season. Trust us, your kitchen would say thank you for this!

how to maintain your modular kitchen?

Why You Should Perform Modular Kitchen Maintenance On A Regular Basis?

In Kolkata, where every day feels like a celebration, taking good care of your modular kitchen is like keeping the party alive at home.

Our city's warm and sometimes humid weather can play tricks on your kitchen, and that's why regular maintenance is like giving it a superhero cape.

Those unexpected spills and uninvited grease leave their marks on your kitchen surfaces. So, why not give your modular kitchen in Kolkata a little love with routine check-ups?

After all, the heart of your home also deserves love and care just like your loved ones!

how to maintain your modular kitchen?

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Important Tips For Modular Kitchen Maintenance

Modular kitchens can make your cooking experience more joyful with their streamlined layout. This is why people keep searching for low cost modular kitchen price in Kolkata.

But the question here is how to maintain them properly to keep their lustrous shine alive for years. So, let’s find out the answer on how to keep your modular kitchen shine –

Checklist For Daily Cleaning


To avoid stains and buildup, clean the washbasin regularly with a light detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the surface of the sink. Check for leaks or clogs and fix them as soon as possible to ensure appropriate functionality.


To avoid stubborn stains, clean the stove after each usage. Clean the oil stain by mixing baking soda into water and wipe it using a soft sponge. Check and tighten gas connections on a regular basis, and if you have an electric burner, make sure the wiring is intact.


Wipe down the countertop daily with a damp cloth to remove spills and crumbs. Use a gentle cleaner suitable for the countertop material avoid placing hot pots directly on the surface, and use cutting boards to prevent scratches.


Dust and wipe down cabinet surfaces regularly to prevent dust buildup. Check for loose handles or hinges and tighten them if needed. Do not place wet utensils inside the cabinet as it can lead to the growth of bacteria.


At the end of the day, sweep or vacuum the floor to remove the dirt. Use a gentle floor cleaner while mopping the floor, and avoid using too much water as it can damage the doors of cabinets.

how to maintain your modular kitchen?

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Checklist For Weekly Cleaning


Worried about those stubborn stains of your favorite coffee or curry?

Relax! Make a solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to and grab an old toothbrush to clean the stains. And if you're facing a spill that has made its way to the back or bottom, use your vacuum cleaner to ensure a deep clean, spotless, and fresh interior.


Empty and clean out the refrigerator every week, and remove all expired items. To get rid of that unpleasant smell, clean the shelves and drawers using a vinegar and water solution.


Wash kitchen towels in hot water to get rid of those harmful germs and disturbing stains. Make sure to rotate and replace towels every week to maintain hygiene in your cooking spot.

Garbage Can

Your garbage can is the picnic spot of those harmful bacteria. So, empty and sanitize the garbage can on a weekly basis with a disinfectant to keep unpleasant odors and germs far away!


Clean the microwave once a week using a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar and 2 cups of lukewarm water to release stains. Wipe off the interior and exterior using a wet cloth and let the oven air-dry before placing anything inside it.

how to maintain your modular kitchen?

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Checklist For Monthly Cleaning


Inspect and clean your refrigerator and microwave oven once a month to ensure their efficiency. However, before cleaning unplug them and dust them properly.


Show your kitchen cabinet some love with a monthly pampering session! Grab your trusty duster or a soft cloth and give those shelves, drawers, and cabinet corners a good sweep.

Wipe down everything – from doors to knobs – with a gentle cleanser.


Remove and clean the aerators on your faucets on a monthly basis to prevent mineral accumulation. Inspect for leaks and fix them as soon as possible to save water and keep the tap functioning.


Wipe down taps with a mixture of water and vinegar to prevent lime scale deposits.


Apply a mixture of baking soda and vinegar on countertops and scrub it gently to remove the stains and maintain their natural beauty.

how to maintain your modular kitchen?

Checklist For Yearly Cleaning


Your chimney works tirelessly to keep the kitchen smoke-free, but they too can gather dust and grime in their dedication to maintaining a fresh cooking space.

So, give your kitchen chimney an annual treat by deep cleaning the filters and exhaust pipes. Use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and then clean it with a good-quality glass cleaner.


Inspect drawer slides for wear and tear on an annual basis, and replace them if necessary. Empty and thoroughly clean drawers, and consider putting a fresh coat of paint or wax rub to maintain their elegance and durability.

Exhaust Fans And Vents

Clean the exhaust fan blades using a solution of water and vinegar to remove the strong grease and dirt. Remove and clean vent covers for a fresh, well-ventilated kitchen. You can also give us a call as you may need professional help to maintain its efficiency.


Check for any leaks under the sink and around plumbing connections. Bleaching powder is the best disinfectant that you can use to avoid any leaks.


Give your cabinets an annual makeover by re-evaluating their layout and decluttering unused items. Check for any signs of water damage or pests and address them quickly. Call us to apply a protective coating to wooden cabinets to preserve their finish.

how to maintain your modular kitchen?

Call Us Anytime For Your Modular Kitchen Maintenance!

As we wrap up our journey through the checklist of maintaining your modular kitchen in Kolkata, remember that a little care goes a long way in keeping your kitchen the heart of your home.

From the scorching heat to the monsoon rains, and the pleasant winters, your kitchen stands by you through it all. So, why not return the favor?

Give it the attention it deserves. Call us anytime if you need professional help to keep your modular kitchen shining like a gem. Happy cooking!

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