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15 Modular Kitchen Design: Modular Kitchen Trends For Your Kolkata Home 2023

Unlock the latest kitchen design ideas to make a dream kitchen for yourself. Know different modular kitchen trends in Kolkata to make your storage space stylish. Read on.

  • 23 Sep, 2023
Top 15 Modular Kitchen Design Trends Or Kitchen Design Ideas 2023 - blog poster

What Is Trending Popular Kitchen And Modular Kitchen Design In 2023?

A kitchen layout is considered the heart and soul of a home. Not only that, but we spend most of our time in this part of the home making food for ourselves. That is why, this portion of your home needs some extra attention when it comes to remodeling or reshaping your kitchen interior design area.

Modular kitchen trends have gained immense popularity in every Indian kitchens and household. The perfect blend of trendy kitchen space along with its functionality is something, that you can't miss. Modular kitchen trends are constantly changing to fit the new kitchen in every Indian homes.

As the best interior designing company in Kolkata, we have modern kitchen design at affordable modular kitchen price Kolkata. Search for your perfect kitchen design with us in this blog.

Trendy modular kitchen pattern

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Top Modular Kitchen Trends For Amazing Modern Kitchen Turnover

If you are planning to reshuffle your kitchen. Then, there is nothing that can beat the touch of modern modular kitchen trends. As the interior designer of the best modular kitchen in Kolkata. We have come up with the latest kitchen cabinet design and ideas that you will love.

So what are you waiting for? Indulge in the reading to know more.

1) L-Shaped Kitchen Trends For Small Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is gaining mass popularity not just for its unique design idea but because of its functionality. The unique design of this modular kitchen trends is winning hearts with its ample storage pattern. You can use the maximum space in your small kitchen with this kitchen's outstanding appeal. It flawlessly uses corner spaces that look aesthetic and promote better workflow in the kitchen.

So if you have a small kitchen with useless corners, then this kitchen design is made for you.

Huge L-shaped kitchen in modular design image

2) Minimalization With Hyaluronic Shelving

Do you know the best part of modern kitchen trends? It comes with so many customizable options and varieties, that it becomes to select just one among the rest. The minimalized kitchen trend uses the kitchen countertops in a hyaluronic technique. Thus, you do not have to struggle with opening your kitchen shelves by hurting your hands or back.

A red and white modular kitchen design

3) Wooden Look-Like Kitchen Styles

If you are someone who has a deep-found love for wooden furnishing. Then you must check out our collection of wooden polished modern kitchen trends. This Indian kitchen design is a visual treat for every reclaimed wood lover.

Wooden furninishing in modular kitchen design

4) Contrast Kitchen Cabinetry Designs

Kitchen colour is another thing that deeply involves how modular kitchen design ideas should look. You can experiment with something trendy yet classy with our best choice of two-toned kitchen cabinetry pattern.

This kitchen design trends involves the use of two different or contrasting colors for the kitchen shelves and countertop. Make your kitchen a perfect blend of style with this unique creation.

Contrast color of yellow and white in kitchen cabinet of modular design

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5) Open Kitchen For Smart Kitchen Ideas

Optimizing space is the major thing, that we take care of while designing a modular kitchen. The open kitchen is the choice that most of the customers make to craft uniqueness with optimum space. Every semi-modular kitchen can turn into a beautiful kitchen with this unique idea of an open kitchen.

Open modular kitchen pic

6) Straight Kitchen With Multifunctionality

If you want your kitchen design trends to look versatile while equipping extra storage in your kitchen drawer. Then trust us with our straight kitchen design for a sophisticated and clutter-free design.

You can place various kitchen electrical appliances on the kitchen top for its single long countertop.

A brown straight kitchen design for uniqueness

7) Parallel Kitchen For Modular Solutions

If you are searching for a trendy kitchen concept. Then the parallel kitchen, also popularly known as gallery kitchen can be your perfect choice. This kitchen design has parallel kitchen tops or countertops that face each other to provide ultimate efficiency in workflow.

Parallel kitchen countertop for popular design

8) Kitchen Island As Trendy Kitchen Designs

Island Kitchen design is the top kitchen décor, that will give you the freedom to hide your kitchen essentials in personalised designs. You can use extra storage space in your kitchen drawers and cabinets by evoking the concept of an interacting seamless modern kitchen design aesthetic.

9) Popular Tiles As Designing In Kitchen Backsplash 

Modern apartment kitchens are replacing old kitchen looks with design elements that have a touch of traditionalism while being all trendy. Turn your ordinary kitchen into a food lover's paradise with this popular choice of kitchen backsplash design. 

You can use different colored tiles on the walls of your kitchen to complete this look.

Tiles used in kitchen backsplash

10) U-Shaped Trending Kitchen Pattern

Do you have maximized space in your kitchen room? Then, start utilizing the space by mixing kitchen decor and modular kitchen ideas in transforming your kitchen into a U-shaped modern pattern. These design experts in making your kitchen stand out among other designs of a modern modular kitchen.

A U-shaped modular kitchen

11) Pearl White Modular Kitchen Trends

Are you someone who likes to have a clean finish cabinets look in your kitchen? Worry not! We have the right idea for you as well. Turn your simple kitchen into a white kitchen that shines like pearls with our latest modern kitchen styles.

A pearl white kitchen photo

12) G-Shaped Trends In Modular Kitchen

A G-shaped kitchen is a unique design that is not just easy to clean but also, this design idea has not been yet discovered by many. Turn the clean-lined cabinets in your kitchen into a peninsula design to utilize the storage cabinets and corner cabinets.

13) Floral Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers

If your kitchen space is not allowing you to try something new with your kitchen pattern. Then you do not have to get upset about it. We have a dreamy solution for your problem as well.

Turn your kitchen units into a floral affair by remodeling the units with a floral pattern design. This idea for a small modular kitchen is undoubtedly the best.

Floral pattern in kitchen design idea

14) Pull Out Pantry In Popular Modern Kitchen Design

Every kitchen that has insufficient spacing can go for different modular kitchen trends. But you need to keep these trends in mind when trying the elegant and space hub pull-out pantry design in your kitchen.

Utilize the maximum space by keeping kitchen needs hidden in your pull-out pantry unit.

Pull out pantry in kitchen storage unit

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15) Smart Kitchen Design Trends In 2023

If you want to step into the future with a unique kitchen design. Then, you must try the smart kitchen integration system. This popular kitchen can assist you with a voice controller, sensor faucets, and smart refrigeration. 

Show off your smart kitchen with ultimate style.


Check out these number of kitchen ideas to keep your kitchen among the top trend in modular kitchen design in 2023.

You can also check out our modular kitchen designs on our website of Bosky Interiors. Upgrade your modular kitchen interior decor with us.

Ice blue kitchen pic

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