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An Eye-Opening Guide On Sliding Door Wardrobe Vs Hinge Wardrobe 

Confused between a hinged door and sliding wardrobe? Read our comprehensive guide to learn their advantages and disadvantages for making an informed decision to buy an ideal storage space. 

  • 11 Oct, 2023
Sliding Wardrobe Vs Normal Wardrobe: Which One Is Best For You - blog poster

Have you just shifted into a new home and looking for an ideal space-saving storage solution? If you're having trouble picking between a hinged door and a sliding door wardrobe for your home, you're not alone. Hinged doors swing open to keep things simple, while sliding doors smoothly glide on tracks, adding a touch of modernity. As per the opinion of the best interior designing company in Kolkata, both wardrobes have some pros and cons. Thus, choosing between them needs proper information. 

 Bosky Interior is here to end this epic battle - sliding wardrobe vs normal wardrobe today. We'll break down the benefits and drawbacks of hinged and sliding doors, allowing you to make an informed decision that fits your lifestyle and available space. Let's explore the details together, so you can confidently pick the perfect wardrobe door for your new home.

Sliding Wardrobe Vs Normal Wardrobe

What Are Sliding Wardrobes?

Sliding wardrobes are a stylish and space-saving method to organize your things. This wardrobe style has sliding shutters that slide from side to side on tracks. Instead of taking up space to open as in traditional wardrobes, their doors slide softly. Moreover, these wardrobes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for a variety of rooms. They not only appear modern and stylish, but they also save space which is very helpful in small bedrooms. Being the top sliding wardrobe manufacturers in Kolkata, we can tell you that investing in this wardrobe design is one of the smart decisions. However, you can also opt for a lacquered glass wardrobe in Kolkata which can make your room look spacious and elegant.

Sliding Wardrobe Vs Normal Wardrobe

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Benefits Of Choosing Sliding Door Wardrobes


Space-Saving Closets

Sliding wardrobes are an ideal choice for small flats. Their doors slide effortlessly and do not require extra space to swing open. This saves valuable floor space and makes them ideal for cozy spaces.


Improved Visibility

Sliding door closets, with their smooth sliding mechanism, provide better visibility of your clothing and accessories. There is no need to search through dark corners, everything is on display and easy to find in these wardrobes.


Enough Hanging Space

Despite their stylish appearance, sliding door closets are built to maximize additional storage space. They have plenty of hanging space which makes them a nice and organized alternative for your large clothing collection.


Light and Airy Feel

The elegant design of mirror sliding door closets creates a light and airy atmosphere in your room. They allow more natural light to lighten up the space by using glass panels or lighter materials, providing a refreshing ambiance.


Multiple Colors And Designs

Sliding door wardrobes are available in a range of colors and styles, allowing you to select one that suits your personal style as well as the overall look of your room. You will get something for everyone, from minimalist style to the most conventional one.


Easy Maintenance

Sliding door wardrobes are often designed by keeping in mind the ease of maintenance. The streamlined surfaces and easily accessible design make cleaning an easy task. It allows you to effortlessly maintain your clothes in good condition.

Sliding Wardrobe Vs Normal Wardrobe

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Disadvantages Of Using Sliding Wardrobes

While sliding wardrobes can be a stylish and space-saving solution, they do have certain drawbacks. As an experienced interior designer, I'd like to highlight several factors that you should think about before purchasing sliding wardrobes:


Improved But Limited Accessibility

Sliding wardrobes offer better but limited visibility. They only provide access to one area at a time. So, when you need to access various locations at the same time, you can find it a little bit difficult.


Regular Maintenance

Although these shutter wardrobes need minimal maintenance, they can acquire dust and dirt over time, compromising their smooth operation. Therefore, you need to clean it at regular intervals to ensure that the doors slide smoothly. 


Requires Gentle Handling

Handle sliding-door wardrobes with extreme care, and try to avoid any sudden or forceful movements while opening and shutting the door. Rough use may impact the alignment which can cause the shutter to move from its prescribed track.

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What Is A Hinged Wardrobe?

A hinged wardrobe is a classic and timeless storage solution used in many Indian households. This versatile furniture piece that opens on two sides are ideal option for large rooms. The hallmark of this design lies in its simplicity and usefulness. I would personally suggest the hinged wardrobes to those who value the beauty of traditional design and also want a wide range of customization possibilities. The main beauty of hinged wardrobes lies in their ability to blend into a variety of home interior designs, starting from modern to traditional.

Sliding Wardrobe Vs Normal Wardrobe

Benefits Of Using Hinged Wardrobe Doors


Full Accessibility

Hinged wardrobe doors allow complete access to the entire wardrobe at once. It allows you to see all of your clothing and accessories. This convenience is especially useful when you are organizing and selecting your outfits.


Customization Options

If you are looking for a wardrobe that offers multiple customization choices, then invest in a hinged door. From various door shapes, materials, and finishes to multiple handle designs, you can easily customise the wardrobe doors to reflect their individual style preferences.


Easy To Maintain

Unlike sliding doors, which require tracks and may accumulate dust and debris, hinged doors do not require such tracks. This design makes maintenance easier and guarantees that the doors continue to function properly without the need for frequent changes.

Disadvantages Of Using Hinged Door Wardrobe

Space Requirements

Hinged door wardrobes need extra space in the room to allow the doors to swing open. This might be a problem if your floor space is limited.


Less Dramatic Lighting Options

Another drawback of this wardrobe is it can block lighting design techniques. The swing of the doors may produce shadows or limit the positioning of lighting sources in places where lighting effects are sought.


Obstruction into the Room

When the hinged doors are open, they might allow light into the room. This is especially important in bedrooms, where open doors might create obstruction in the paths, and furniture, or even create visual disruptions in the overall design.


Ending The Debate Between Sliding Door Wardrobe Vs Normal Wardrobe

To conclude the discussion of sliding door closets vs hinged ones, it's like deciding between modern and classic styles. Sliding doors look cool and save space, especially in modern homes. They make your room space appear large and stylish. While hinged wardrobes offer a timeless appeal. They provide a clear view of everything at once. It all depends on what you like and what works best in your space! Feel free to call us if you need any advice on choosing the best furniture for your home interior. We would be happy to help you anytime!

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