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Vastu Shastra In Interior Design Tips By The Kolkata's Best Interior Designer

Is interior design only about creating aesthetically pleasing corners in your interior decor? 🤔 No, it is more about bringing a harmonious balance between positive energy and your living ambiance.🧘‍♀️Thus, an ancient architectural practice that has gained much prominence in the present times is Vastu Shastra in interior design for homes. So, we at Bosky Interior, are back again with the importance of Vastu tips for interior design for you. Read this blog to explore more!

  • 12 Apr, 2024
Why Vastu Shastra Matters In Interior Design By Bosky Interior? - Blog Poster

Modern Yet Simple Vastu Shastra In Interior Design That Can Transform Your Living Space

Vastu Shastra is popularly known worldwide as an ancient Hindu practice that provides prosperity and positivity at home. Surprisingly, its principles extend beyond architectural constructions like towns, roads, temples, and plots. 🏗️

Well, as the top modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata and puja room interior designers in Kolkata. We can say that the reason behind incorporating Vastu Shastra in interior design is to maximize the positivity of a land area. And, to bring home the five elements of the galaxy - Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Space!

Thus, every element in your home, be it an interior decor piece, the colour of your sofa, or your bed facing a mirror in the bedroom. Everything creates an energy field that affects the lives of the habitats those who live in. 

It is even believed that no matter if you have made your house design according to Vastu or not. But, if your home interior as per Vastu is not aligning then it might block the positivity from entering our heavenly abode. 🍃🎐

So, if you are searching for the best interior designer near me day and out to activate the Vastu principles in your home decor then join our ideas. As, we are here to guide your way through easy and minimalistic interior design. Which is as per Vastu Shastra without breaking or bending your home's walls. 

Don't wait and delve deep into our Vastu Shastra in interior design tips from the best interior designing company in Kolkata.

Vastu Shastra in interior design for home pic

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Principles Of Vastu Shastra Tips To Follow At Home By The Top Interior Designer 

Trendy Vastu Shastra Interior Design Elements To Enhance Interior Decor

Do you know that interior Vastu for home can be fun at times? 😉

If you are not new to the basic principles of Vastu interior design. Then, you already know that the north-east direction of a home is connected to the water element. Thus, it is considered auspicious to hang water-related paintings in this zone of the house. 

Or, you can also display a majestic Buddha sculpture in the north or east direction of your living wall. Which can stimulate the peaceful energy of your home's corner. 😌

Peace Buddha sculpture in wall decoration pic
A wall art of modern home pic

Vastu Tips For Interiors With Plants To Bring Wealth And Good Fortune

Greenery and plants are another element to add the essence of Vastu Shastra in interior design in every home. While, Jasmine, Snake Plant, Citrus Tree, and Morning Glory are the best for interior decoration at the entrance of your home.

You can place a Tulsi plant in the north, east, or northeast part of your home. Which articulates the flow of positive energy in your home. 🪴

You can also try experimenting with indoor plants like Bamboo trees or money plants on your indoor walls. To keep away negativity and bring in the goodness of luck and prosperity. ✨

A contemporary home with an indoor plant image
Lucky Bamboo for a Vastu-compliant home

Vastu Compliant Main Entrance Of Your House

The main door of your home is where all the good and negative energy coexists. Selecting the right position for your entrance can impact the health and mental peace of the dwellers. 

Thus, it is best if you can build your home's entrance in the northeast, east, north, or west direction. This brings the natural elements of positivity throughout your home. 🚪You must not paint your entrance door with black and brown color. As it can invite negativity which can cause depression and uncertain mood swings. 😓

You should also avoid placing dirt, shoe racks, and dustbins in the main entrance and try to adorn it with decorative elements. That make your home warm and welcoming for visitors. 😍

Do you know that you can also beautify your entranceway with a peaceful Buddha statue and a mirror wall decor to reflect evil energies? 

Buddha statue with a wall-mounted mirror at home entrance pic

Simple Vastu Shastra In Interior Design For Spacious Living Rooms

Your living room is the comfort zone where you spend most time of the day watching your favorite cinema or inviting your friends for a small gathering. 

So, why not make your living room home makeovers to spark joy that attracts positive energy flow throughout the house? 🥰

Start by sorting your bulky furniture in the southwest or west direction in your living space. As heavy furniture should not be placed in the north-east direction of the home. You must also keep all your electronic devices on the south-west side of your home as per Vastu Shastra principles.

A spacious living room interior design pic

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Perfect Vastu Color Schemes For Bedrooms

There are a lot of eye-soothing colors that you can try to paint the walls of your cozy corner. But, according to Vastu Shastra tips, only a few colors can creates a harmonious bedroom. 

Thus, if you are married, then the perfect shade for your bedroom's wall is a light shade of yellow or pink. As it is said, to make the bond stronger between marital couples. 💗

Also, blue is the color that creates a soothing corner for peaceful sleep. So, if you have a master bedroom then shades of blue are just perfect for you. Additionally, the blue-colored bedroom is the ideal one for kids as well. 

Bedroom painted in blue for kids pic

Harmonious Vastu Interior Decoration Of Puja Room

Isn't your puja room the place where you seek peace? 📿

Well, a puja room if placed in the east or north-east direction of the house can affect the energy balance of the home positively. Always, remember to paint your divine puja room with light shades. Such as brown, yellow, beige, or green as it can bring good luck to a home. 

Use must always keep your puja room decorated with fresh flowers and incense sticks to evoke a spiritual vibe. 🙏

A serene puja unit design by the top interior designer in Kolkata pic

Luxurious Bathroom Designs With The Benefits Of Vastu Shastra

The south east corner or the north-west side is the perfect place in a home to construct a bathroom.

Do you know why?

Well, it supports the process of elimination of waste. Thus, if you want a good bathroom that aligns with the principles of Vastu Shastra in interior design. Then, furnishing your bathroom with quality, wooden doors and materials is the best decision to make. 

You can also opt for shades of beige or white for your bathroom to create a relaxing ambiance. 

A modern bathroom with wooden doors and units image

Top Vastu Rules For Kitchen Interiors Of Your Home

In Vastu Shastra, 'Agni Dev' also known as the 'Lord of Fire' prevails in the southeast part of the house. Thus, it is best if you can position your kitchen in this part of the house. 

Remember, to never place your gas stove beside the water sink. As it can imbalance the five basic elements of the planet in your home interiors. You can also put your fridge or microwave in the south or west direction of your kitchen and always keep enough space for air and light to pass by. 

So, keep your family healthy and happy while making delicious foods in your kitchen! 🍳🍚

Modular kitchen decor with hanging ceiling lights pic

Interior Vastu Tips For Home Interior Lighting Designs

Lightning is an integral part of any home and if there is no proper lighting. Then, it will anyway interrupt the harmonious rhyme of your interior space. 

So, here are a few lighting tips according to Vastu that you can follow to make your home glow with illumination -

  • Ensure that your home gets enough natural lighting throughout the day. Always try to fix any broken bulb or replace it with a new one.
  • You can use uniform lighting in your living area to distribute the light throughout the area.
  • Try to use decorative lights such as ceiling pendant lighting over kitchen countertops. That can create harmony with nature.
  • You can also place a spot-light beside your bookshelves or in the south-west part of your home. As it is said to bring good health for the family. 🛋️
Passage uniform lighting for a modern home image

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You do not always need to change the entire setting of your home for Vastu-compliant interiors. Just a few changes in the living area, kitchen, or bedroom can help you foster a good home that invites positivity, wellness, good luck, and health. 🤭

So, if you need help in Vastu Shastra in interior design, then visit our website and book our expert consultation today! 🤝

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