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Which Type Of False Ceiling Is Best For Your Gorgeous Home?

False ceiling design in Kolkata have become a vital part of interior design, which most homeowners often tend to ignore. While, different false ceiling materials can add beauty to your home. You must know which type of false ceiling is best for your interiors. So, read this blog with the top interior decorators in Kolkata and choose the right fit for your house. 

  • 25 May, 2024
Which Type Of False Ceiling Is Best For Kolkata's Home: Blog Poster

The Magnificence Of False Ceilings: What Is The Hype All About?

False ceilings an essential part of interior design that has taken contemporary homes under its wings, can enhance the look of your pretty home. A false ceiling or a dropped ceiling can be also referred to as a second layer of ceiling beneath the original one. 

Being one of the best interior design company in Kolkata, we can say that a false ceiling does not just elevate the way your home looks. But, some of them provide thermal insulation and dire-resistant properties as well.😌 Therefore, making them a sustainable solution that you can have in your home. 

So, if you already own a furnished bedroom or a modular kitchen in Kolkata. It is time for you to discover which type of false ceiling is best for your modern home. 

Continue reading this blog and bookmark the best type that attracts your eyes. ✨

best false ceiling type

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Get Entry To Latest False Ceiling Designs For Perfect Interiors

Struggling to keep your home cool in the hot summers? 🤔

Worry not! Explore which type of false ceiling is best to match the design and style of your home here -

1. Double Layered Wooden False Ceiling With Drop Lights

Imagine, getting the feel of a 'floating island' when you look up at your room's ceiling.😍 Unlike, a full-room false ceiling, a double-layered ceiling only focuses on the central area of your room. In fact, only on the specific areas that you want to highlight. 

So, if you are confused about which type of false ceiling is best, you can go for a wooden ceiling design. Which can give a rustic yet trendy touch to your contemporary interiors. 

Pop false ceiling design

2. Single Layered Pendant Hanging Illumination

Look at the enchanting freshness of this best false ceiling design type. Isn't it captivating? 

Well, you can use POP false ceiling materials like this one. If you want something minimalistic to go chic with your home's interior decor. 

Beautiful false ceiling for home pic

3. Parallel Abstract Design False Ceiling Style

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art false ceiling design for your bedroom or drawing room. Then, how about this abstract designed one running parallel to each other? 🤔

We are sure, you will love the appearance of your room after the installation. You can even use gypsum false ceiling in your entire room and combine it with a POP parallel ceiling design to make it look extraordinary. 

Parallel designed false ceiling

4. The Tray Chic PVC False Ceiling Design

If you like to experiment with the decoration of your home. Then, add an extra layer of beauty with this stunning original ceiling design. 

The material used in this false ceiling is PVC board. But, you can also opt for wooden board ceilings with horizontal and vertical lines against each other. 

No doubt, this would compliment the look of your pretty corners. 💖

PVC false ceiling type

5. Peripheral Hollow False Ceiling

Peripheral is a suspended ceiling type where only the edges of the new ceilings are applied and illuminated with lights. While, the bottom of the ceiling remains vacant to allow the unique design to reflect your personality.

You can opt for a hollow design in the middle of your room like this one to stay classy with your choices. 

Hollow shaped false ceiling

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6. Square Geometric Designed False Ceiling

No matter, whether you choose gypsum board or fiberglass material for false ceiling design in your interiors. You can create an enchanting result with this latest design. 

The geometric shape of the entire ceiling can add character to your bedroom.😉 While your ceiling may look clean and simple. 

Illuminating false ceiling for bedroom

7. Baffle Style Glass False Ceiling Design

The glass slates in this false ceiling design are perfect to rhyme with each other in your interior decor. 

So, create a modern look by choosing a baffle false ceiling style to make your home more modish. 

Glass false ceiling for interior image

8. Show Stunner Vaulted Metal False Ceiling Design

Look, at how the sunken panels of this false ceiling design elevate the entire room. You can feel lavish with an airy vaulted false ceiling made with metal panels. 

This false ceiling design is the best for homes with high ceilings. 

Metal finish false ceiling type

Which Type Of False Ceiling Is Best For Every House?

Gone are the days when you just painted your ceilings white. Now, is the time to experiment with modern art even in your home's interiors. 

While, false ceilings come in a great variety nowadays. But, if you are willing to know, which type of false ceiling is best, then, the answer is gypsum ceiling boards. 

Well, that's right! It is one of the most common false ceiling materials people use for their projects. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for a gypsum false ceiling for your home as well -

Advantages Of Gypsum False Ceiling Type In Interior Design

  • Fire Resistant: Gypsum false ceilings are the best options to tackle high temperatures. Hence, when in contact with fire, this ceiling type emits steam. 
  • Thermal Insulation: You can keep your home cool as gypsum boards have thermal insulation properties. Therefore, no need to worry if your AC is taking more time to bring down the indoor temperature. 
  • Sound Insulation: Another great benefit, installing a gypsum false ceiling can make you relaxed from unwanted outdoor noises. They have in-built sound insulation properties to minimize disturbance. 
  • Strong And Flexible: Gypsum false ceilings have prolonged longevity. That makes them the cost-effective option that does not crack or bend in the longest time. 
  • Cost-Effective: While, the installation cost of gypsum false ceiling is more than the other available. But, as it saves electricity by producing thermal insulation, it is a budget-friendly option for you.
Gypsum false ceiling design

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No matter, what style you choose for your home's ceiling, a false ceiling design always opens new possibilities for exploring art and beauty in your interior decoration.

So, ditch the regular old ceiling and try your favorite pizzazz in your sweet home! 😊😄

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