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Decoding False Ceiling Types And Cost In Kolkata Living Spaces

Are you boarding the train of renovation and decoration for your pretty home? 🛤️😌 Well, it can open doors to new possibilities to elevate your home's interior decor. This is especially true for false ceiling designs. As it not only provides an aesthetic vibe to your interiors but also has practical benefits. So, read on with us and find the best false ceiling in Kolkata only for you. 

  • 09 Mar, 2024
Unveiling False Ceiling Types And Cost In Kolkata For Your Home: Blog Poster

Top False Ceiling Types And Cost In Kolkata For A Heavenly Interior Space

Thinking of decorating your home or renovating your interior space with stylish decor? 

You must have decided on everything too precisely, isn't it? From wall color and art, to your modular kitchen and bedroom design. You must have already decided on the best materials and color schemes. That can make your home a lovely abode where dream and elegance resides. 🥰

But, what if, we the best interior designers in Kolkata, tell you that your interior decoration will remain incomplete without one thing. Can you guess what is it? 

It is the illuminating false ceiling in Kolkata that can add the missing charm to your entire home. Thus, as the top interior designer in Dumdum, we have the ultimate false ceiling types and cost in Kolkata for you in this blog. Keep reading! 

Modern false ceiling for home pic
Types of false ceiling with design pic

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Illuminating False Ceiling Design And Types For Glowing Interiors

Gypsum false ceiling pic

Smooth Surfaced Gypsum False Ceiling

  • Made of prefabricated plasterboards with a glossy surface
  • Provides many color options
  • Gypsum board false ceiling cost starts at Rs. 99 only
  • Enhanced safety measures for interiors with fire resistance features
  • Smooth surface for an elegant and modern interior
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Avoid using water to clean to prevent damage.

Clean using a clean and dry cloth.

Do not moisten the gypsum panel.

Use coating to protect from water and moisture damage.

What Advantages Can You Get With Gypsum Board False Ceiling?

Are you looking for false ceiling types and cost in Kolkata that can transform your space? 🤔

Worry no more! Gypsum false ceiling solution and is the ultimate choice among homeowners false ceiling cost kolkata. Who are looking to upgrade their decor style in the office or home interiors, considering the false ceiling cost in Kolkata.

So, here are a few advantages of gypsum ceilings for every interior design idea -

1. Versatile Designs

Gypsum false ceiling installation allows you to create your happy place. With unparalleled design versatility in color, shape, curves, and texture. That can blend with any aesthetical interior, from contemporary to traditional. 

2. Seamless Installation

Are you looking for a type of false ceiling that is easy to install? 🪛

Gypsum boards are lighter in weight than any other false ceiling type. Thus, it is a cost-effective solution that is easy to install with reduced labor charges. 

3. Smooth And Glossy Texture

Want to add a touch of sophistication to your interior decor? 🪶

Then, gypsum false ceiling material is the best one for you. As it can complement any design element in an interior with its feathery smooth surface and glow. 

4. Resistant To Fire

Investing in a false ceiling that provides both safety and aesthetics is the right choice for any home. That is why, choosing gypsum ceilings can provide you peace of mind. By adding fire-resistant safety to your home or office interiors. 

5. Robust Performance 

Gypsum boards have acoustic insulation for home interiors. Which can reduce indoor and outdoor noise with its soundproofing features. Thus, giving you a comfortable, relaxing, and quiet living environment. 

Wooden false ceiling

Rustic Charm Of Wooden False Ceiling

  • Creates a cozy interior environment with its natural charm and warmth
  • Excellent false ceiling service option for people living in colder regions
  • Adds character and vibrancy to spaces with its extraordinary timeless appeal
  • Provides customization option for both rustic and polished textures
  • Has robust longevity and durability that can last a decade with proper care.
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Dust the beams and ceilings of the wooden false ceiling.

Avoid using harsh detergents and water for cleaning.

Keep it away from direct sunlight to safeguard it from color fading.

Clean it with a soft white cloth once every week to protect it from dust accumulation.

Pop false ceiling

Exclusive Decorative Touch With Pop False Ceiling 

  • A budget-friendly option for homeowners looking for cost-effective false ceiling options
  • Easy installation with minimal installation disruptions
  • Pop ceiling panels do not crack when drying for construction 
  • Enormous detailing options like uniform, smooth, and other finishes
  • Accommodates diverse design preferences with different shapes and patterns.
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Keep Pop ceilings water-resistant with a final paint coat.

Address damage issues promptly if any safety hazards appear.

Keep the ceiling safe from moisture.

Clean regularly with a soft bristle brush.

Fibre false ceiling design in corridor

Sound Proof Or Fibre False Ceiling Offers Relaxation

  • Suits various construction like commercial and residential properties with modern solutions
  • Easy installation with lightweight construction
  • Provides enhanced quality with value-for-money option
  • Provides customization with various color and texture designs
  • Suitable for noisy areas as it has soundproofing properties. 
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Clean the mineral fiber-made ceiling with a rubber sponge once a month.

Dust off accumulated dirt regularly.

Use mild detergent solution for deep cleaning.

Install fiber false ceilings in well-ventilated rooms for optimal durability.

Metal false ceiling

Bring Modernity To Your Interiors With Metal False Ceiling

  • Metal ceiling products provide sleek and modern aesthetics, complementing any contemporary interior
  • The highly resistant properties of metal ceilings can withstand any environmental stress
  • Requires zero to minimal maintenance to keep its shine and gloss
  • Enhances lighting factors of a room with reflective surfaces, increasing spaciousness
  • Provides safety to occupants with fire-resistant properties.
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Do not use bleach or chemicals as they can peel off the glossy texture of the ceilings.

Use natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and water for effective cleaning.

Regularly clean the grid's original ceiling of the meal material with a dry cloth.

Do not rub the surfaces with excess force.

Glass false ceiling

Welcome Natural Light To Your Home With Glass False Ceiling

  • Bring luxury to your interiors with the popular glass ceiling design
  • Enhances natural illumination with transparent design element
  • Makes small indoors appear bigger with a reflective illusion
  • Can be customized into frosted, tinted, or textured glass false ceilings
  • Sustainable architectural option for environment-conscious homeowners.
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Do not scratch the glass ceiling surface with pointed objects while cleaning.

Use a fine cotton cleaning cloth to wipe away dust.

Use tinted coating for scratch protection.

Clean the glass panels with soap and water for deep cleaning.

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Unbelievable False Ceiling Cost In Kolkata For Your Dreamy Interiors

If you are here looking for a low-cost of false ceiling in kolkata solution for your interiors. Then, get ready to be surprised by our astonishing false ceiling types and cost in Kolkata. 😉

While, the installation of the various false ceiling depends on several factors. Like materials used for the ceiling, total interior space, and the complexity of the installation. But, Bosky Interior provides price of false ceiling in Kolkata at Rs. 99 only. 

So, when are you upgrading your interior game with our best false ceiling types in Kolkata? 💫🪄

Types of false ceiling in Kolkata
Minimalist false ceiling design
Minimalist false ceiling design
Types of false ceiling in Kolkata
false ceiling in Kolkata

Why Choose Us As Your False Ceiling Interior Designer In Kolkata? 

Curating your home with interior design is a magical journey. So, why make it an ordinary one while choosing your false ceiling solution? Join us to make your home or office interior design the best and unveil how we shape up your home into a pretty place with -

Customization option

Tailored Customization

High quality materials

Use Of Premium Materials

Exucution time

On-Time Execution

Cost Effective solution

Cost-Effective Solution

Customer satisfaction pic

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Delve Into Our Exquisite False Ceiling Types And Costs In Kolkata! 🩶

Elevate your home with sophistication like never before with Bosky Interior.

Get Personalized Consultation Today!

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False ceilings are not only a versatile style option for interior decoration. But, are functional as well. The choice of false ceilings is endless for interiors. Whether you opt for a timeless wooden ceiling or a contemporary gypsum ceiling. 

So, end up choosing the best false ceiling types and cost in Kolkata and make a smart move!

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