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Top Sliding Wardrobe Material: Choosing The Finest Material

Is durability and style something that you are looking for in your sliding wardrobe material? Select the best material for your wardrobe choice with us. Read what materials are the best to use in a sliding door wardrobe in this blog.

  • 18 Oct, 2023
Checklist For Sliding Wardrobe Material : Pick The Best Material - blog poster

What Is The Best Sliding Wardrobe Material For Wardrobe Design?

Thinking about which material is best for wardrobe shutters? Or, confused between sticking to a traditional wooden wardrobe or going with an MDF and plywood wardrobe? Choosing the right material for a wardrobe with sliding doors can be a tough choice with so many variations in the market.

As the best interior designing company in Kolkata, we say the best sliding wardrobe material is the one that compliments every bit of your interior color, design, and decoration. You can choose a lacquered glass wardrobe in Kolkata, or any other modern wardrobe that blends perfectly with the interior schemes of your dream home. In terms of color, texture, and material.

But, are you still wondering which material is best for sliding wardrobe doors? Among various material options, you must choose the best sliding wardrobe material that balances durability and functionality with luxe style. So, are you ready to know the variety of wardrobe materials without compromising your room look? We have the best customisable wardrobe materials saved for you. Read on.

Sliding wardrobe design pic

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1) Timeless Beauty Of Solid Wood

Are you looking for popular materials for your wardrobe interior solutions? As an expert sliding wardrobe manufacturers in Kolkata. We say that nothing can beat the beauty of raw solid wood. When asked to majority of the homeowners, say that they love how their solid wood wardrobe appears.

Solid wood is less customizable and is perfect for providing a rustic country road color vibe of the mid-70s or 80s. Not just that, solid wood remains at the top of sliding wardrobe material for its tough texture and high resilience nature. 

So, when are you bringing home your sleek and modern solid wood wardrobe design?

2) Eco-Friendly Versatility Of MDF

If you looking for customizable options to play cool with your wardrobe finishes design. Then, medium-density fiberboard is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option to opt for. Thinking why design experts consider MDF as a cheaper and environment-friendly substitute for wood for wardrobe material?

That is because the wood pieces are made from waste wood. Its unwrinkled runny texture makes it ideal for painting. So that, you can get a smooth and even texture without bumps. That costs less than solid wood while perfectly fitting the color pattern of your interior home design.

Thus, giving space to experiment with its decorative cuts that exhibit versatility.

Image Credit - Flickr

a white MDF wardrobe image

3) Particleboard As A Cost-Effective Option

Are you looking for affordable almirah material types? Worry no more, we have the best choice of material that won't burn your pockets. Particle board is another sustainable option that you can look for if you are thinking of making a cost-effective sliding wardrobe. 

Want to know why? Particleboard is a type of engineered wood that is made from waste wood chips, and sawdust. Thus, making it an environmentally friendly option. 

It is also pre-laminated which reduces your decision-making process to choose from a range of colors. Though it is not as strong as MDF or solid wood, the budget-friendly aspect makes it a perfect choice for your home.

A purple and white particleboard wardrobe image

4) Everlasting Strength Of Plywood

Plywood is the best substitute for solid wood which has robust strength and can last for a longer time. It is made with wood veneer that creates an aesthetic charm in your wardrobe texture and style. 

The base for laminates also allows you to try an extended range of colours for your sliding wardrobe material.

So are you ready to get a beautiful plywood sliding wardrobe that suit your needs?

A modern plywood wardrobe design for home

5) Stylish Allure Of Lacquered Glass

Lacquered glass wardrobe material can give your home a contemporary touch with its glossy finish materials. The glass used in the wardrobe makes it reflect light that can make your small space look bigger.

If you are looking for something modern and chic. Then, there is nothing better than a glass wardrobe for your bedroom. You can also choose the glass type from our widest range of lacquered glass wardrobe designs. 

A black and white polished lacquered glass wardrobe

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6)Illustrative Glory Of Mirror Wardrobe Material

Mirror sliding wardrobe material is the perfect option for you. If you are looking for a convenient save space utilisation material. It not only gives you the choice of wardrobe material but its full-length mirror functionality can save up corner spaces. 

Imagine waking up to look at your reflection in your pretty-looking wardrobe. Doesn't that seem to be sweet? Well, then find the perfect mirror sliding wardrobe material for your revolutionized wardrobe design. That is the best of both worlds of reality and illusion.

Mirror in solid wood wardrobe customization pic

7) Modern Aesthetics Of Laminates

Laminated wardrobes are the best option when it comes to using lightweight engineered wood as a wardrobe material. It comes with different textures and styles. You can also make your own customized laminated wardrobe by providing your design ideas to us. And, see what magic we create for your fitted wardrobe.

Explore aesthetic patterns of wardrobe materials by mixing and matching two decor designs for your dream sliding wardrobe.

8) Vibrant Tone Of Acrylic Material Wardrobe

Looking for a wardrobe material that uplifts the theme of your entire bedroom setting? Well, you need to incorporate colors and glossy texture into your wardrobe to make it an attention-grabbing centerpiece. 

Don't know how to do it? Leave that to us, as we have the best sliding wardrobe material that will change your dull bedroom with a tone of vibrant colors. Acrylic wardrobe material is highly customizable and also comes within minimal budget ranges.

A yellow and black colored acrylic wardrobe for bedroom

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Final Thoughts

There is a lot of sliding wardrobe material present in the market. But, if you believe in our wardrobe experts advice then follow this checklist to make a perfect wardrobe that is beautiful, durable, and has extended functionality.

You can also check out our range of interior designing services on our website of Bosky Interiors. Or, you can book expert advice with our online consultation service.

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