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13 Best Traditional Home Decor Ideas in Kolkata With Modern Touch

Want to give your home a traditional decor with a modern touch? We will help you know best about such traditional home decor ideas in Kolkata.

  • 19 Jul, 2023
13 Best Traditional Home Decor Ideas in Kolkata With Modern Touch - blog poster

Traditional Style Decorating Ideas For Home

Kolkata has been known as the powerhouse of heritage, culture, and customs for a long time, and offers a range of traditional home decor ideas in Kolkata that is blended with modernity.

Bosky Interiors are the best interior designing company in Kolkata and has the best interior decorators in Kolkata. The best interior designers in Kolkata can turn your home into a paradise with their art talent.

Let us take you through all the traditional home decor ideas in Kolkata that you can blend with modern strokes and can make your home look like a piece of art.

traditional design house pic
Wardrobe pic in master bedroom

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1. Modish Lighting With Modern Wall Art Pieces

If you are looking for traditional style interior design ideas then there is no better way to play with vibrant colors than choosing a statement light to be your home’s showstopper and add more charm to traditional home decor. 

You can also choose some classic and modern pieces of wall ornamentation to catch more attraction in your home's traditional decor.

Stylish furnishing in a home

2. The Show-Down Of Curtains

If you are confused about how a curtain can be a part of traditional home decor ideas in Kolkata, then let us tell you, curtains can transform the look of a room with its color and material.

The best traditional interior design ideas for living rooms is to add kore lengths to the curtains you choose for your living room traditional home interiors. Choose some long and contrast colored curtains for your living room wall and see yourself how the traditional house style transforms.

Pic of contrast curtains in a living hall

3. A Wooden Partition In Traditional Style Home Interior Design

You can play a lot when it comes to adding a modern touch to your traditional home decor ideas in Kolkata. Start by choosing a pretty designer-cut wooden partition in your living room which will make your living room look more spacious and will also give a separate view of your living and dining area in your living room traditional interior design.

A designed wooden partition in the dining and living room

4. Contemporary Furniture For Your Traditional Modern Interior

If you are someone who likes to make bold experiences with your traditional home decor ideas in Kolkata then this idea is weaved for you.

You can choose modern furniture pieces like a modish dining table to complement the traditional look of your home.

A pic of contemporary furniture in a modern home

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5. Textured Walls With a Drop-Down Light

Did you know that you can transform your traditional home decor ideas in Kolkata with a modern touch by highlighting a wall of your home?

Well, we have selected the best wall design to uplift the game of traditional home style. You can select a textured and patterned wall like the one given below for your living room wall to give your house an elite and modern touch of traditionalism.

Textured walls with hanging light image

6. A Gorgeous Art Wallpaper For Your Traditional Wall Decor

You can add a modern flavor to your traditional style home decor by choosing a printed wallpaper for the best wall in your home area. It is best if you use this idea to decorate the living room of your home as it grabs more attention than any other part of the house.

Apply a patterned wallpaper to elaborate your living room as your traditional home decor ideas in Kolkata.

Design art wallpaper on one wall of a home

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7. Play Of Lights In False-Ceiling Of Your Living Space

If you do not like to apply any type of patterned or printed decor on your wall, then you make traditional decoration ideas at home by putting colorful lights in your false ceiling to change the entire look of your home.

A slight change by adding lights in your ceilings can transform your home into a modern palace.

Colorful green light in false ceiling of a living area

8. Nonpareil TV Unit As A Part Of Traditional Home Decor Ideas In Kolkata

We all like to spend our leisure time in front of the television by watching some cricket match or a fun web series then why not try experimenting with this part of the house? 

You can make a separate modern furnishing of your Tv unit by adding wooden elements and lights in your modular home.

Classy TV unit with a TV in a living home of a house

9. Excessive Wooden Element As Your Traditional Home Design Ideas

Extravagant use of wooden elements can turn the simple look of your home into that of an aristocratic place. Ask your interior designer to add wooden wall furnishing, and wooden furniture units to complete the look.

Wooden work by modular interior decorators

10. A Unit Of Fancy Wash Basin

Remodeling your entire home look and overlooking your washroom area is not justifying when it comes to traditional style house interior. And for that reason, we have selected the best home decor ideas for your bathroom corner to elevate the style of your mood.

Add a wooden wash basin support with round glass in the wall to complete the look. Do not forget to keep some scented diffusers and essential oil to give a sweet fragrance all over the washroom area.

Fancy wash basin with round mirror and beautiful background

11. Transform Your Puja Corner With Aesthetic Touch

A puja mandir or corner of a home is a place where you can find peace after the daily hassles of life and decorating that corner with your interior designer has to be on the to-do checklist of your traditional house decor with modernity. 

Holy and aesthetic puja corner in a room

12. A Sublime Modern Kitchen With Traditional Decor

Want to make your kitchen corner like Mozart’s piano concerts? Then try modular kitchen ideas with plenty of shelves and pull-out drawers with traditional wall tiles as the backdrop of your kitchen.

We are sure you will love how your kitchen is going to look after the transformation of your traditional and modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen will pull-out drawers

13. Bedroom Design Traditional Home

Complimenting the entire look of your home with a mix of modern and traditional design. Yet, doing nothing for your favorite corner of the room? 

You can make your resting place a heavenly abode by following the tricks we have to add charm to your bedroom.  Use colorful decorations for your bedroom floors and wardrobe to unleash the beauty of modernity and traditionalism.

Bedroom with sliding yellow colored wardrobe and wooden floors

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We are sure of how you loved the home-transforming ideas where you can stick to your traditional touch with a minimalistic touch of modernity. Bookmark these ideas to use whenever you are thinking of experimenting with Traditional Home Decor Ideas in Kolkata.

You can also visit us at our website of Bosky Interiors to know more about interior decorations.

A pic of master bedroom of a home

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